Things went well…

… at my Best Buy interview this afternoon. The position I interviewed for would make me a floor salesman in the PC area, a natural fit, and would probably pay around $8 to $9 an hour to start. A far cry from what I used to be paid, but better than not being paid anything at all. The possibility of advancement is there and wouldn’t necessarily require a lot of waiting as they just moved a bunch of people into the Geek Squad which is why the PC area is in need of salesmen. Some of those guys had been with the company a month or two. The gentleman I interviewed with has a Physics degree as of 2001 so he can totally relate to that whole gotta-get-the-work-wherever-I-can situation that I’m in. If nothing else, the atmosphere of the store and the crew seems to be a good one with the supervisor telling me he tries to keep things a little goofy. “Goofy is good,” I said, “I can do goofy very well. Just ask my wife.” I should hear within a couple of days if I’ve got the job or not.

Jonathan at Compeople has said that if I land a job at BB and can provide him with my weekly schedule then he’ll see if he can’t work some freelance jobs in around whatever BB has me working. Jonathan pays considerably better than BB does, but BB has more hours to offer. Between the two and Anne’s daycare job we just might be able to stay afloat long enough for the tide to change.

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  1. Congratulations on getting something! I know it isn’t what you necessarily want; but it lets you dump some of the stress while you keep looking. Plus, having a work atmosphere that strives for “goofy” rather than achieving it accidentally…is always good.

    If I buy something from BestBuy out here (CA), and say that I corresponded with you at length and that’s how I decided to buy whatever-it-is, will you get a kickback? 😀

  2. What Best Buy Les? A lot of the Best Buy’s in the Canton area are Nazi’s towards kid’s like me… I’ve never been in one and not been followed. It’s like a game, spot the security!

    I was there one time and I was asking a guy questions about the Radeon 9800xt. He was being really impatient with me, rolling his eyes, and sighing. Then out of nowhere I said, “I’ll take it…” The guy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head because this was 2003, when it just came out and was like $550 dollars and here I am some 17 year old kid buying it. Next thing I know I am being treated like royalty and being called sir, and “Is there anything else I can help you with today sir?” … On my way out they usually check my bag for stolen good this time the security at the doors just says “No, I don’t need to check your bag, I was alerted already, have a good day.”

    But I have no doubt that you won’t be like that, it’ll be good to see a familiar face… Even though I am pretty sure they’ll make you shave 😀

  3. Good luck with it Les, although I wish you much luck getting something that meets your needs better.  Hopefully you won’t have a 20-year-old boss (not to offend any 20 year olds out there, but face it, people twice your age don’t want to answer to you.)

  4. Citizen, I don’t think I get kickbacks if you buy it in the same store I work in, but thanks for the notion just the same.

    Sepharo, if I get the job I’ll be working out of the Westland store. No one has said anything about my needing to shave. Most places stopped having requirements like that a long time ago. I can get along with just about anyone and I have no problems talking with folks about products regardless of whether I think they’re going to buy anything. The more info you have the better your decision making will be.

    Rrrockhoud, thanks. I’m hoping I can just win the lotto and forget about working altogether, but I’ll take whatever I can get at the moment. Survival first then worry about improving one’s situation.

  5. Very glad to hear you’ve gotten something, Les!

    That’s the way of the world:  do what you can until you get something you WANT to do.  Here’s hoping this will help you stay afloat until that plum job comes along. 

    Jesus must love you wink

  6. Haven’t gotten it just yet. Still waiting on a phone call, but I’m thinking it’s likely.

    I’m sure Jesus loves me, but I’m married and straight so he’s just going to have to do it from afar.

  7. Hey Les, please don’t get this question wrong – I see that this isn’t gonna pay all that well (hey I was a bit pissed at only getting 9 Euros during my studies, so I can relate that 9 $ isn’t that much) and may turn out to be a dead end concerning long-term prospects…

    But let me ask why you say that this would simply allow you to ‘keep afloat’. Even together with the daycare job and some freelancing, it wouldn’t be enough to pay the bills fully?

  8. Ingolfson, I don’t know for certain that it will keep me afloat, but I’m hopeful. Any money coming in is better than no money coming in and the freelancing has picked up enough recently that I’ve gotten more than the usual number of hours.

    Allan, I’m not sure that would be a blessing or a curse considering the hell that some of MS’s products tend to be. wink

  9. Let me offer an assumptive congrats on the BestBuy job.  I totally envy anyone who gets to work with the BlackEyedPeas.

    And remember not to have any kids whilst under their contract, lest you find yourself in a long drawn-out custody battle for years to come.

    Do they require a piss test?  Hair sample?  Proof of genetic provenance?  If so, my contacts in the gaymafia shall be more than happy to assist.

  10. Sort of late to respond but just remembered I posted in this thread…

    GameStop still makes employees shave, as does ChuckeeCheese… Just two I know from experience.

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