QuickTime 7 now available for Windows.

Looks like Apple has released QuickTime 7 for Windows. Still my favorite video format for viewing movie trailers online.

5 thoughts on “QuickTime 7 now available for Windows.

  1. Never used QuickTime.  Seen it allot but I have always stayed glued to my Windows Media Player.  And, over the years, I have updated my WMP.  Seen the Quicktime allot, but been afraid to venture into switching.  You recoment it as a default player?

  2. I wouldn’t use QuickTime if it didn’t come with iTunes. WMV files are smaller than MOV, and QuickTime won’t let you view a video fullscreen unless you purchase the pro version. It is good for viewing streamed content, but not for watching videos on the hard disk.

    You could also try VLC which supports MOV files and WMV. I’d give you a hyperlink but Les has it added to a blacklist.

  3. Thanks Dean,  your response has been very helpful to us here.  Thanks.  We appreciate your clarity on this very important issue for us.  Thanks again.

  4. Matt, if you’re happy with WMP then stick with it.

    It used to be that QuickTime was the best format from a quality standpoint as most RealVideo and WMP streams were usually very small and very pixelated. That’s not so much the case anymore particularly between WMP and QT, but I still tend to hate RealVideo format.

    Dean, drop me an email with that list so I can check the blacklist and see why it’s being blocked. I try to keep the blacklist limited to spammers, but sometimes the keywords are a little too generalized and it ends up blocking more than it should.

  5. Aside from the annoying nag screen, I prefer QT to WMP.  But I don’t eschew the latter, and either of them beats the socks over Real.

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