One of the differences between me and my wife.

Me: Alarm clock rings. I get up.

Anne: Alarm clock rings. She gets up, hits the snooze button, and climbs back into bed. Repeat enough times that the net effect is the same as it would have been had she just set her alarm to go off a half-hour to hour later. Though that would negate the aerobic workout she gets as our alarm clock is on the other side of the bedroom from the bed.

14 thoughts on “One of the differences between me and my wife.

  1. I am like that too…
    I hit the snooze button maybe 4 times every morning. Some say it’s a lack of discipline.

    No need to say that my wife gets a little annoyed by this.

    If I need to get up at 3:00 am I can do it in one shot. But at the usual time I need to get up which is around 6:00 or 7:00am I am a slave to the snooze button.

    Apparently it helps to go to bed at the same time every night…something that;s also hard for me to do.

    I have to admit that the feeling of falling asleep is a good feeling and I might be addicted to it. I Remember falling asleep or just dozing off in class being an amazing feeling.

  2. I have friends who simply set 4 different types of alarms throughout their room. Quite ridiculous. I have been using the same TV alarm since I was in Elementary school, and it has no snooze button so I literally “grew-up” without the convenience of a snooze button. The TV turns on at the set time, beeps really loudly for 2 minutes or so and then the TV just plays as normal. It’s an easy way to get addicted to a certain show. Since I usually fall asleep to Adult Swim everynight Cartoon Network is on in the morning and it’s all little kids [like 5 and under] shows… And guess what? I watch them now, and I like them…

    /I need help D:

  3. Heh, i usually wake up when my alarm goes off, switch it off, then stare at the back of my eyelids for, what feels like, 2 minutes. If im still away i get up, if im not then im very late for what i was supposed to be doing.

    As you can probably guess, im usually late. I did have a very loud alarm that was sitting on a desk the other side of the room, granted it woke me up every time, but i damn near shit myself every time, kind of like having a kid wake you up by screaming as loud as possible in your ear.

  4. I’m with Anne.

    But the worst part isn’t that we hit the snooze bar and go back to sleep. It’s that we intentionally put the clock on the other side of the room, so that we’ll be forced to get out of bed… on the theory that this will somehow work to wake us up. Right? wink

  5. I don’t dare hit the snooze and go back to sleep.  I’ll just get into an infinite loop, since my capacity to fall back asleep is (at 5 in the morning, at least) boundless.

    Nope, the alarm goes off and my lizard brain gets me going, showered, clothed, driven to the office, and first cup of coffee made and poured.  Then I really wake up.

  6. Gah!  When I lived in the dorms I had two roomates who would do that.  When my alarm sounded, I’d just get the hell up.  When their alarms rang, they’d turn them off, grumble, and go back to bed for another 5 minutes.  Reapeat for 40 minutes!  Every morning as I was awoken at the crack of dawn, I would just stare at the top bunk wondering why they just didn’t set their alarm for 40 minutes later!

      It could be worse, Les:  your wife could just not bother to turn off the alarm, but let it ring.

  7. Yup, I’m like Anne. I even have my clock set 1/2 hour earlier than the actual time, so that the early morning panick that i’m late sets in after I’ve already hit the snooze 3 or 4 times.
    We won’t talk about my OCD-like behavior concerning making sure the alarm is set before I go to bed…

  8. I have done both the “repeated snooze” and the “set the clock fast”. This stopped working when my brain started holding firm to the idea that I had an extra half hour anyway.

    Then my cats got into the game. One sits on my side, one sticks his nose in my ear, and the third yowls and hockeypucks her food bowl around the kitchen until I get up and feed them.

  9. The less sleep I get, the slower I move in the morning, and the earlier I need to get up. Sometimes I just stay up all night because it’s easier than sleeping for 3 hours and having to wake up to a rude alarm.

  10. I don’t use the snooze buttons much anymore, as 5 minutes are simply to frustratingly little. Anyway, I’ve been doing some experimenting with getting up early. Amazing what you can get done once you are past the ‘Lizard’ stage. Right on, ***Dave. The driving to work is a bit risky though…

    That said, as a kid I used to set the clock to wake me SEVERAL HOURS before the actual school time. It was such a pleasant BLISS to be able to say “Whooo! Lots of sleepy time left!!!”.

    I still go back to sleep very easily, but I’ve discontinued that particular habit…

  11. I’m a total snooze-button-aholic.  I think I average a half-hour of snooze-sleeping, but I suppose it’s pretty crappy sleep and not at all worth it.  But I need at least three turns before I even actually wake up.

  12. I actually set my alarm to go off at 5:25 a.m. and hit snooze for a while.  I also set two alarms on my cell phone.  One goes off at 5:45 and the other goes off at 6:00.  All this is supposed to annoy me enough that I drag my ass out of bed.  It usually takes my daughter coming in at 6:15 with her brother before I finally get up.  By then I am usually running late.  I’m just not a morning person.  Whereas my husband usually wakes up before his alarm goes off and hops out of bed rearing to go.  Man, I hate him… grin

  13. My girlfriend is an incouragable snoozer.  It is literally driving me insane.  The sad part is we have only been living together for a month and I am already about to throw in the towel and sleep in another room.  The worst part about it all it that she stubbornly insists that she must attempt to wake up at 6:45 everymorning to get to work early (even though she is on flex hours).  So every morning i wake up to this wretched cell phone ring that sound like a classic big band group playing bad 70’s funk.  And what happens- she sleeps till after I get up and am off to work by 8:00.  EVERY DAY.  I really want to smash that phone to pieces- you snoozers are crazy to put others through this. JUST GET THE F UP!!

  14. My fiancee and I don’t get the luxury of a snooze alarm. Our alarm clock doesn’t have one, which is good because I would be the one to keep pushing the snooze. I am not a morning person, and am useless when I first wake up. Coffee is my friend.

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