Me, not bald.

Someone sent me an email asking for a picture of what I look like with hair seeing as I mentioned in an entry not too long ago that I was letting it grow out. There’s already a few pics around here of me with hair that you can find without too much digging including the logo for SEB Reviews, but nothing all that recent so I figured I’d snap a quick pic and put it up.

Click for a much bigger pic!

16 thoughts on “Me, not bald.

  1. In my humble opinion, I think you look better bald. I cant quite explain why…i just think its a more suiting ‘look’ for you.

    Still, you look pretty good like that too grin

  2. Zhyndra, that’s probably because I have the same shower curtain. It was the best background I could find in the apartment at the time.

    Etherian, I could run that ship better than Edward any day.

    OldGreek, it’s my Brillo pad. I keep it there so I can always clean pans in an emergency.

    Link, some folks think I look better bald and some folks think I look better with hair. I think a lot of it has to do with what any one person has been exposed to initially.

  3. Les, you look like you’re going to open a fortunetellers shop next.

    Or maybe you finally get serious about the SEB cult. You got that Rasputin-stare going on wink

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