Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief

Hurricane1Hurricane Katrina has devastated thousands of lives.  Today, we’re announcing a coordinated effort by the liberal/progressive blogosphere to help the victims of the devastation. Together, we’re going to raise $1 million for the American Red Cross – and prove that the liberal blogosphere can help our fellow citizens in need. Make a donation for hurricane relief.

As President Clinton once said, “There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America.”

The most prominent lefty blogs in the nation, represented by the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, are leading the way by running donated ads and asking readers to join us in making a difference. Combined, these blogs will display their ads over 12 million times each week over the course of the campaign.

Of course, we invite all progressive bloggers to participate in our community-wide campaign. Get the HTML to post the ads on your own blog or website.  With your help, we can make sure that progressives everywhere hear the call to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina

All of the proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross. Donations are being tracked by Drop Cash. Transactions are secured through Paypal. You can be certain that your contribution will be secure, for a good cause, and people will know it came from the liberal blogosphere.

Thank you.  Together, we can do this.

Kari Chisholm
Mandate Media

10 thoughts on “Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief

  1. Hrm.  I’m not sure about making donations to make a point, as opposed to making them to help people.

    As far as I’m concerned, folks can and should donate, through whatever means, whether they are liberal, conservative, libertarian, authoritarian,  moonbat, wingnut, or sick of politics.

    On the other hand, if a competition with “conservative” blogs leads to extra donations, swell.  As long as the point is to be helping others, not to be going neener-neener (or to be proving who’s better, who’s more dedicated, who’s more patriotic, who’s more self-sacrificing, etc.).

    Just my immediate reaction.

  2. Understandable. I debated posting it myself as I agree that we should be helping for the sake of helping and not to push an ideology, but then I stopped and thought about all the times in the past when Conservatives asked where all the Liberal groups were when X disaster was taking place? Sort of how some Christians like to ask where are all the Atheist charities.

    So I figured, what the hell? If it helps bring in a few more donations and shuts up a few Conservatives in the process then it’s a good thing on average.

  3. I’m embarrassed for Liberal Blog Advertising Network and Mandate Media because they are using an ongoing disaster to advertise their businesses. Yeah, it stinks and it is doubly embarrassing that they are using the “liberals have compassion too but we need to prove it” carrot on a stick. This is as insulting to me as saying “God wants you to give” would be.

    With any luck though, the attention they bring to the Red Cross will allow the Red Cross to receive more donations. That’s the only good they will be bringing to this tasteless venture.

    If you must let others know your donation came from the liberal blogosphere, you’re giving for the wrong reason.

  4. You really think self-promotion was the only goal if the folks at the LBAN, Brock? I didn’t get that impression from their email and that’s exactly the email I got from them. I felt the intention was honest enough that it was worth sharing.

  5. Les, I applaud your desire to make relief options known and I wouldn’t suggest that you shouldn’t have made us aware of this drive. People need to know what agencies and campaigns are out there so they’ll feel inspired to give aid. But…

    The first impression I got was that they were playing on the sentiments of liberal blog readers by suggesting they were seen by non-progressive right-wingers as unlikely to care about others. It’s all about proving that “the liberal blogosphere can help our fellow citizens in need” (and that’s a silly reason to give for helping) and likely will allow their companies unprecedented profitable exposure.

    Because of the way they presented their drive, I could care less if it succeeds. But I hope the victims of Katrina get all the relief they need and deserve and then some.

    I guess I sorta put them in the same category as the looters and their “what’s in it for me” attitudes.

  6. I stopped and thought about all the times in the past when Conservatives asked where all the Liberal groups were when X disaster was taking place? Sort of how some Christians like to ask where are all the Atheist charities.

    Can’t think of anywhere in Christ’s teaching where he encouraged folks to consider whether or not other folks were acting in a virtuous fashion.  Jesus seems a lot more interested in challenging individuals to worry about their own actions, not how others around them are acting.  Conservatives and Christians who hold up their own actions up in competition with others seem to be grotesquely missing the point of such actions.

  7. ***Dave, the problem I have with that list is that #2 is Operation Blessing, run by the very same nutball that very recently suggested we assassinate Hugo Chavez:

    Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation (OBI) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) humanitarian organization based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Since 1978, Operation Blessing International has touched the lives of more than 179.7 million people in 96 countries and all 50 states, providing goods and services valued at more than $1.1 billion. Operation Blessing is governed by a national board of directors that includes founder M. G. Robertson and retired COO Robert W. Fanning.

    If FEMA is pushing Pat Robertson’s organization, thanks but no thanks. I have a huge link directly to the Red Cross’ Katrina donation page on my site (locked to the header so it shows on every friggin’ page, just like I did with the Boxing Day Tsunami). It will have to do.

  8. I’ve no problem with that.  There are folks that have problems with the Red Cross.  Others might disagree with donating through Catholic charities.  I think having a wide array venues to give is a good thing.

    For myself, I have a link to the Red Cross and the Episcopal Relief and Development fund. 

    (I’m not certain of the criteria for the list FEMA has put up there.  Certainly it’s not all a list of right-wing conservative Christian groups.)

  9. I heard PayPal has stopped allowing any Katrina donations as there were so many scams circulating about the net… Also heard that PayPal was ordered by FBI to send all data relating to hurricane donations online to them… has many relief links and recovery sites listed. CrisisSearch is a search engine for disaster type websites, from charitable organizations to government programs… If you know of a good helpful site that is not listed, please submit it for approval!

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