Four years now since 9/11.

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since the events of September 11th, 2001. I can remember that day in particular detail despite the fact that I wasn’t anywhere near where the events were unfolding. I imagine that’s pretty much similar to what folks alive must have felt when events such as Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy Assassination happened. I can recall being younger and hearing folks talk about how everyone can remember what they were doing the day Kennedy was shot and not comprehending why it seemed to have had such a lasting impact on them.

I understand it now.

We lost a lot of people that day for no good reason. Take a moment to remember them in whatever way you find appropriate.

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  1. I still remember it vividly and I’m not even American, I didn’t lose anyone, and nobody I’m close to lost anyone.  I think large, pointless tragedies like this leave a mark on anyone who witnesses it.

  2. I’ll second that. I kinda quirked a brow when I heard the USA was under attack. I had just gotten up for the morning and I had about five minutes to make it to school. Needless to say I didn’t pay any attention to it.

    But then they showed it in almost every class. Productivity came to a stop until recycled footage kept coming in. At which point, life went on.

    America, of course, underwent great changes in the wake of the attack, and it’s influence spread. Be that as it may, nobody I know of considers it any more than a tragedy with government conspiracy/blunder involved. It stands right up there with Katrina as far as discussion’s ever gone.

    Speaking for the coffee-shop political philosophers in this area, everyone is cheering America on to badger it’s government about this, impeach/execute/do whatever to the administrations responsible in order to put the leash on government. I hope that’s what becomes of this event, 20 years down the road. A sort of, “enough is enough”.

  3. I remember that I was doing an internship on a rhine-crossing bridge construction between France and Germany at the time, and work was just slowing down in the afternoon.

    We heard about the whole thing, and obviously, nobody knew exactly what to make of it. Some said Russia, which I was absolutely sure was rubbish. My own thoughts pretty much fit, in the end.

    What really stuck about that afternoon, though, was the head engineer joking that our half-built bridge already looked destroyed from the sky, so we would not have to fear US retaliation. Sad that the US in the end DID act against a nation unconnected to 9/11 (under the guise of it), and even sadder to think what is being said about the US right now in France or Germany.

    If anything, the terrorists drove a big wedge between the US and the rest of the world, aided by other peoples with big hammers of their own.

  4. I was sitting in my office in midtown NYC, when suddenly a woman in a cubicle by the window gets hysterical. We all run over to see what is going on. Flames, a hole in one tower. I said to myself “they can fix that. Must have been a small plane”. I was seeing the backside of the impact site. I went back to my desk, and the radio in our area was on, with news of a plane hitting the tower. Then after tuning in on a tv, the woman got hysterical again, and I ran back to the window to see the second tower in flames. Back to my desk again, calling my wife, and telling her to go home. When the second tower hit fell, I was at my desk, and the crowd by the window was screaming. I ran over to see, but all I could see was a pillar of smoke. It appeared the tower was still standing.

    After the second tower fell, we were told to leave the building. We poured out into the street, and into Bryant Park. People were trying to get in touch with loved ones on cell phones, but not many were getting a signal. Fighter jets flew overhead. I kept my eye on the Empire State Building. I walked downtown to Penn Station to head out of NYC, as EMS and unmarked SUVS went screaming downtown. I wound up standing outside Penn Station for a few hours, in a crowd numbering thousands, all waiting for the all-clear that meant it was safe to ride a train. I took the train home, and looked back at the changed skyline, smoldering.

    I got home and turned on the TV, and cried. I had transferred to midtown from 2 WTC a year prior. I used to work on the 13th floor of the second tower. I’d sit and have lunch by the fountain in the plaza and look up at those towers in awe. My grandmother worked there when I was little. And now it was gone, along with so many people.

    A couple of days after, all I could go was go to the park near my house, and sit and watch the smoke blow by. I could smell it too. And the eery silence of no air traffic. Living near JFK and not seeing a plane in the sky. Save for the occassional fighter jet.

    I have not been the same since 9/11. It took a while for the sadness to subside. It’s back now after katrina. It’s just as tragic.


  5. Clearly we have some people still slumbering in the serenity of their Western disneylands.

    As we stand on the edge of 9/11v2, with alQaeda promising chemical and unconventional attack in Baghd’d this week, and with who knows what with the coinciding mayoral primary (again, just like 4 years ago) in NYC…  It sickens me to think people actually think the terrorists “won.”

    Defeatests around the globe, know that the terrorists did not win.

    Hate is a self-consuming, self-propelling destructive process.  So is righteous, ideologically spun envious hate.  While some of you may think Atta and Friends “won” in their strike against America, i (along with most Americans) remind you of the difference in their motives and our’s.

    Come the next phase, America won’t be alone in this mentality—and realisation.  Disneyland cannot and shall not last forever.  Wake up.

    I paraphase…but, you should understand.
    Before 9/11 UBL described the future event we now know as 9/11.  He lifted his arm and pointed to the tip of his index finger, pointing towards heaven, “This is the first stage.”  Then, pointing to his wrist, “and this is the second, in degree of magnitude.”  And, finally, pointing to his elbow, “And this is the third, Allah willing.”

    Don’t be silly citizens.
    Compromises are a part of war.

  6. Hate is a self-consuming, self-propelling destructive process.  So is righteous, ideologically spun envious hate.  While some of you may think Atta and Friends “won

  7. ND, I feel the same way.  I lost a cousin in the WTC.  I still feel overwhelmed thinking about how many people were affected by his death… his parents, sisters, wife, and children… and try to fathom multiplying that pain by the number of other families that lost loved-ones in one senseless hateful act.

  8. I was standing on the port side of a U.S. naval warship berthed at Naval Weapons Station Earle in New Jersey. We were directly across the water from New York and could see the mess from there. Within 20 minutes, I was standing on the flight deck of the ship, holding an M-14 rifle in my hands and more or less wondering how the Hell I was supposed to stop an airliner with it.
        Yes- Osama got us but good. Or should I say Tim Osman got us good. That was his CIA cover name at any rate. If anybody cares to see the paperwork on that, it’s here. Laden Gunderson Stinger Missiles.jpg

    As they say in the business (CIA)- Once you’re in, you’re in for life. I’m sure Osama will rear his ugly head once again when it fits the needs of the administration.

    I still can’t believe, after all the times it has been shown that our government lies to us and pulls false flag operations to get us into war, that so many people are unwilling to connect the dots and see it has happened again.

  9. Well…my link doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll just write out the first few lines from it.



  10. Do you want to know what the very first clue was that our government was involved in 9-11? The Secret Service attached to Bush. Remember what they did as Bush was sitting in that classroom on 9-11 reading to those children? If you said nothing ,you win a prize. A group of men whose single purpose is to protect the president during any type of attack did nothing. They didn’t rush the room and drag him to cover. They didn’t even act surprised that two planes had just struck the twin towers.

  11. Hey Mayo, a quickie you might have missed; broswers often will not read spaces as individual characters. The equivalent of a space, to a broswer, is Laden Gunderson Stinger Missiles.jpg

    There y’all are. Interesting to look at, at least.

  12. (Ok, it’s a problem with ExpressionEngine. Why doesn’t Les just switch back to WordPress? I know he tried it before but…it’s just fantastic!)

  13. The encourage EVERYONE to visit the above-mentioned website.  Once you get past the rambling-layout (btw, a tell-tale trait of most conspiracy-sites), it’s actually quite interesting.  Why, sometimes i sit down, fill up a bowl, and also visit ufo sites, too.  It’s all very interesting.

    Interesting in a bizarre/my-neighbor’s-dog-sam-works-for-the-cia sorta way.

    I rest my case.

  14. No problem with EE, you just need to write better HTML. I fixed it for you.

    Ouch…Burn! I wanted to have a link instead of an IMG tag so I wouldn’t max out their bandwidth. However, somehow, the ‘20’ symbols were erased.

  15. dudes im sry for the ppl who died in those towers… n tower 7 (is it really a tower?) but we all fuckin know that ur government(im not us) made all that crap… i just cant fuckin believe how ur fuckin killin each other
    if someone’s willin to confront me mail me at dont fuckin doubt my opinion!!!
    Bush just needs to go down…

  16. Boss, if you’re worried about their bandwidth then I can always host the image here if they don’t have a problem with that.

    Bloody, I doubt your typing skills.

  17. Just beyond your grasp.

    It’s been four years and Osama is still at-large…  but “we’re making progress in Iraq!”


  18. That day is definitely one of those “unable to forget” days. (sure as hell would be nice to forget its “fallout”)

    At that time I was in military service and accidently in that day we were doing autumn’s fund raising for war veterans. (for veterans of war against certain tyrant who was already professional in killing of people when Hitler just started work practise, but who was still supported by west)
    Exact moment when I heard that was when I had just gone to one house just when TV-news started their report.

    One thing’s for sure: the terrorists definetly won.

    And big corporations and capital behind them.

    It’s been four years and Osama is still at-large… but “we’re making progress in Iraq!

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