Examples of Leadership.

Solonor has an entry up that I can fully agree with:

Not trying to backseat drive here, but I wish there were more guys like these two involved in coordinating rescue and relief:

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore. Mayor Nagin said of Honore: “…he came off the doggone chopper, and he started cussing and people started moving. And he’s getting some stuff done. They ought to give that guy—if they don’t want to give it to me, give him full authority to get the job done, and we can save some people.”

Houston Mayor Bill White. Seeing that the Astrodome wasn’t going to hold everyone after all, the city kicked out the pre-planned conventions from other centers. White stepped up and said: “If it takes someone suing us, then sue—and then explain to the American public.”

Figured I should balance some of the critical entries I’ve made about the situation down south with some positive ones as well.

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  1. Anyone who wants an ever better idea of what has happened in NOLA over the last few day should go to http://mgno.com/ and read what it’s been like from someone who has spent the whole time at ground zero.

  2. At the bottom of the article by “these guys” there is a statement about the Red Cross not being in New Orleans. The were under orders not to re-enter the city after the hurricane hit. See this FAQ at their web site.

  3. just a comment on Mayor Bill White…

    at a time when i’m convinced that there is no one worth voting for any more….bill white stands out.  i met him when he was campaigning and i’ve been very impressed by him and am truly glad that i *did* vote for him.

    after hearing that he had opened 2 more centers to house refugees, i called his office to thank him and that somehow wound up in my being invited to the mayor’s phone conference.

    the one comment that he made stood out: “commercial interests should not take precedence over humanitarian interests”. 

    with these types of statements…and actions that back them up…he assures himself of my vote.  over and over and over again.

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