Designtechnica explains how to make your own Podcast.

Seems everyone and their brother is doing a Podcast these days. I’ve even toyed with the idea myself until I realize that I’m not sure what the hell I’d talk about that wouldn’t just sound like me reading one of my entries into a microphone. Still, I’ve always wondered what it would take to do one and now the folks at Designtechnica have answered that question. Turns out it doesn’t take much. The article gives you a basic overview of what you’ll need and includes links to free software you can use for recording your shows. It even touches a little on using RSS feeds to syndicate the content. So if you’ve been wondering what it would take then that guide is a good starting point.

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  1. For an even easier way, go to my website:  I designed a free podcasting site that basically takes the brainwork out of setting one up.

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