Call of Duty 2 single player demo hits the net.

The sequel to my current favorite FPS, Call of Duty 2, is due out next month and I can hardly wait. I still play the heck out of the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: United Offensive which is easily one of the most intense World War II FPS experiences available on the PC. Looking at the screenshots for CoD2 I was somewhat concerned with how well it would run on my PC so I was quite happy to hear that Activision has released a single player demo containing one level from the final game.

It’s a huge download at 656MB, but very much worth it. Despite looking amazingly better it runs pretty good on my setup. I didn’t think it was possible, but the folks at Infinity Ward have actually managed to make the sequel even more intense than the original. The first game did an amazing job of making you feel like you were in the midst of a battle as you were almost always surrounded by your fellow soldiers who were more than just set decoration. There were plenty of situations where they’d save your butt and you were always glad to have them around to take some of the enemy fire off of you. The same is true in the sequel except now they’ve added what they call Battle Chatter so not only do your fellow soldiers act intelligently, but they also communicate with you and each other by shouting out instructions and status updates during the battle. The enemy do this as well so what you end up with is an environment where your ability to listen is as important as your ability to shoot straight. It makes for an amazingly immersive experience that sounds as much as it looks like an actual battle.

Granted, it’s hard to judge how good the whole game will be from a single level, but I’m very excited so far. The environments seem a bit more interactive with crates that can be destroyed and a new ability to easily jump over fences and low walls and everything looks great. The previous game used the Quake III engine, but the new game is running a totally new engine developed in house and it’s damned impressive. Explosions, smoke, and fire are always difficult to pull off, but the folks at Infinity Ward have managed to improve on the impressive representations of these elements from the first game. If you enjoyed the first game then chances are you’re going to like the second one. With any luck I’ll be able to pick up a copy after getting employed and then I’ll write a full review. For now, if you’ve got broadband, download the demo and try it out. I suggest grabbing it from Yahoo! Video Games as they don’t limit the transfer speed the way FileShack or File Planet do.

3 thoughts on “Call of Duty 2 single player demo hits the net.

  1. Man – I could’nt agree more! ;Totally love CoD and the brilliant UO…they look fantastic even on a basic rig and when I got my full on upgrade WOOHOO! – amazing graphics!.Not only that almost all the multiplayer maps are great and logical(factorys and towns,not just bizarre mazes ala Halo PC) and I can get on a server and shooting Nazi scum in under a minute,unlike the most frustrating and over-rated piece of shit I ever bought:BF II,which took at least 5 mins to even get on a server and doesnt look that flash on what I always considered a half decent PC…I dont often lose it…but BF II ended up getting hurled against the wall!!
    oh well,no great loss – back to CoD!

  2. Now that I have nmoved to LA i had to leave my high end PC at home and only brought my laptop. Alas I cannot get any of these games running on the measly gfx card i got and have been thinking of either PS3 or Xbox 360 but Im not sure I cant wait any longer withou any online gaming.

    What will you guys and girls go for as a gaming console if you had to buy one now?

  3. It really does depend on what you want to play. I’ve got a PS2 and I’m quite happy with it, but the Xbox has plenty of online gaming goodness as well. The GameCube doesn’t have much of any online games so if thats your primary criteria then that rules out the cube.

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