’s Top 50 Science Fiction Television Shows of All Time

The folks at have come up with what they consider to be the Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Shows of All Time and I have to say that I agree with the list overall. Doctor Who, my personal favorite, made the number 8 spot (though they seem to be unaware that the series is once again in production) and Babylon 5, another favorite, was in the number 5 spot appropriately enough. I disagree with their choice for number one, though, which is the original Star Trek. I’ve always hated the original series and would place it probably in the number 10 spot, but that’s just me. Go check out the list and see how much of it you agree with.

15 thoughts on “’s Top 50 Science Fiction Television Shows of All Time

  1. It was an honest attempt, but where were Farscape, ST:DS9 and Red Dwarf?  They must have been using an awfully wide definition of sci-fi to include Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  2. I’m with Elizabeth on that one. I can’t believe they would leave off those three while including some mediocre shows and some fantasy things.

  3. Never got into Star Drek: Deep Space 9 myself, but I concur on the Red Dwarf and Farscape shows. They should of been on the list someplace.

  4. NO FARSCAPE!!!!  This list is complete Frelling Dren!!!
        Many of those shows can barley be considered science fiction in the first place.
        Xena? How the hairy heck does that qualify as science fiction. It would only be science fiction if you were born 4,000 years ago. It’s now nothing more than science regression.
        Farscape is the only science fiction show that I got into enough to warrent buying every episode on DVD, including the Peacekeeper Wars. I’m terribly Frelling upset that it didn’t make it but Xena did. Even that Creepy Crypt Keeper made the list and that can barely be considered science fiction. A few individual episodes perhaps, but not the overall series.
        Misfits of Science would have been a better pick than some of the shows they chose simply because it was cool watching John “Johnny B” Bukowski get jazzed up on electrical current like a junkie snagging a fix in a back alley.
        I’m going to bed now. I’m too upset to stay awake any longer.
                  Frelling DREN!!!!!

  5. Oh well – seems again i’m all alone in my love for ST:DS9…god I loved that show!,especially the last few series when they armed the base and got that zippy little battleship…oh and Worf transferred over from Next Gen too wink
    Also loved Voyager too,both of which shat all over next Gen and the Originals…I mean,whole episodes on the boring councillors friggin’ mother?!

  6. And now that i read everyone elses posts (sorry guys) I must concurr…Red Dwarf does in fact take the cake and confirms this list was written by a complete idiot…My favorite scene;The little Green ship they’re marrooned in for ages gets attacked and Rimmer announces they must go to Red Alert,to which Kryton replies – “Are you sure sir? – it does mean changing the bulb”
    Absolute Champagne Comedy!

  7. They didn’t include Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Blasphemers. If you don’t remember this show, well… it only had 21 episodes. Chris Carter of X-Files fame stated that this show was a direct inspiration for The X-Files. It was a great show I think, and I still watch the reruns when I can.

  8. YAYYYY!  Space: 1999 made the list!!! 

    Pretty cheesy, though, that you can’t look at the whole list at once (unless I missed the link) … having to click through one at a time … tsk tsk.

    —Joe grin

  9. I couldn’t figure out how to see the whole list, either.  And there were a few that I saw and thought “absolutely, that belongs here.”

    But still.  No Farscape?  I just can’t get over that.  And as long as they included The Avengers, where was La Femme Nikita?

  10. S:1999 made it, but UFO didn’t, but Batman and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Thunderbirds did?

    And no Prisoner?

    I can understand leaving out Le Femme Nikita (the Avengers at least had some SF elements), but not if you’re going to include the Man from UNCLE.

    And don’t get me started on the order.  TNG over B5Logan’s Run over Firefly?  Ye gods.

    The biggest fantasy here seems to be the methodology involved.

  11. I really loved Logan’s Run, both the series and movie.  I’ve always liked post-civilization themed books, movies, and tv shows.

    And no Planet of The Apes, or did i miss it ?

    I’m also surprised they left out shows from the once great, but now decayed beyond recognition, Saturday morning kids’ TV line-up.  As a kid i really loved Ark II, again a post-apoc themed tv series.

  12. Too much crap on the list, too many shows missing. It’s almost like someone threw the names of all the genre shows in a hat and drew 50 of them out in random order. Yes, Red Dwarf should have been there. So should DS9, and the god awful Voyager belongs no where on the list. If we’re including horror than Night Stalker should have been there, as should Angel and American Gothic. For that matter, was Night Gallery on the list? I can’t remember.

  13. The list shows a lot of questionable taste. Is stargate atlantis better than buffy the vampire slayer? FUCK NO is what I say!  No farscape! Horrors! And even though I love the new galactica, I think number 2 is perhaps premature.

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