“America Supports You Freedom Walk” is a lesson in irony.

At some point today the Department of Defense, of all things, will be holding an “America Supports You Freedom Walk” to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks four years ago at the end of which there’ll be a country music concert by Clint Black. The irony is that it shows just how much freedom we’ve lost:

The Freedom Walk is limited to those who register and submit to being searched. The route of the march will be fenced and lined with police officers. No one can join the march en route. No one can leave it. The press cannot walk along the route. The walk to proclaim Americans’ freedom reveals how much freedom we have lost.

Interestingly enough the DoD claims they wanted a “less restrictive” event, but the police refused and the police are claiming the DoD insisted on a closed event in order to make it “sterile.” It hasn’t even happened yet and two different organizations involved are already pointing their fingers at each other over why there’s so little freedom at the Freedom Walk.

Barber said that organizers would rather not have such stringent measures on their event but that police had requested them.

Pettiford said officers would patrol to keep interlopers out because the Pentagon restricted the event in its permit application. “That is what their permit called for, so we have those fences to keep the public out.”

Once the National Park Service approves the permit, it is normal for police to do what they can to adhere to the organizers’ requests. “It’s a permitted event. That means [organizers] are allowed to say who is in and who’s out,” said Sgt. Scott Fear, a Park Police spokesman. He declined to say how many officers were in the Park Police, which had a Washington detail of about 400 two years ago.

What’s unusual for an event on the Mall is the combination of fences, required preregistration and the threat of arrest.

If it weren’t so sad it’d be laughable. Come and celebrate your freedom to peaceably assemble in public by being searched, fenced in, and possibly arrested!

Story found via TPRS.

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