All dressed up, but a day too early.

So I set the alarm clock for 8AM and got up early to get ready for the interview at 10AM. I took the time to trim up my beard a bit to give it a little shape and reduce it’s length by about three quarters of an inch then took a shower and did the stuff you do to make yourself presentable to the public and smell nice. Sat down and printed out a copy of my resume along with some references as I was requested to do along with the email and a map on how to get where I was going. Ate a bowl of cereal then got dressed in a business casual manner as instructed and grabbed all my stuff to head out the door. As I’m locking up the apartment and heading to the car I take a moment to re-read the email I had received which read:

    It was great speaking to you and I look forward to meeting with you on Friday, September 23rd at 10:00.

Of course today is Thursday. Duh. So I unlock the apartment and come back in and change out of my business casual clothes and sit my ass down at the PC. Dammit. I was doing so well this morning too. Up on time. Cleaned up nice. Ready to go dazzle them with my brilliance. Shit. The worst part is my wife is going to have a field day with I-told-you-so’s cause she swore I’d said I had an interview on Friday and I kept telling her that, no, I should hear about whether or not I’ll get a second interview with the first company I spoke with on either Friday or Monday, but that my other interview was on Thursday. Except it isn’t.

Oh, I’m going to have a hard time living this one down for awhile.

4 thoughts on “All dressed up, but a day too early.

    That is something I would do.
    But, look at the brightside, you’ll have less grooming to worry about tomorrow.

  2. Damn, a wasted shower.  The upside is that you got up early and now have more time to play with us.

    Good luck tomorrow…oh, little reminder, you still have to take another shower. wink

  3. Still trying to live down the birthday party of that one friend that I showed up days too early for when I was 10. The shame…

    Ah well, you were lucky. Would have made a bad impression to actually show up: “Mmmmh, okay, has problems with… ‘punctuality’”

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