Yes, my blogroll has returned.

Some of you have noticed that I’ve started carrying a blogroll in the sidebar again. More specifically, some of you have asked why you’re not on it anymore. Relax, chances are I’ve not stopped reading your blog, but just haven’t gotten around to blogrolling it back onto the list just yet. I’ve been playing with Yoshi’s LinkList module for ExpressionEngine which allows you to maintain your blogroll right within EE instead of through a third-party service that has a tendency to go down at random times and screw up how long it takes to render your page. I stopped using quite a while ago and I moved my blogroll to an entry to cut down on some of the clutter in the sidebar. When the I found out about the LinkList module I figured it was time to move it back to the sidebar where it belonged and see how well the module works.

As it turns out, Yoshi’s module works pretty well and even allows you to have multiple blogrolls and XFN links. If you’re running EE and want a local means of managing your blogroll you should check it out. As for the SEB blogroll, I’m slowly adding to it as I make my rounds. I’m also deciding on if I want to break it down into daily reads, weekly reads, and so on. Anyway, if you’re not on the list yet and you were before then chances are I’ve just not gotten around to adding you back in yet. I’m kinda surprised some of you consider it that important.

I mean, it’s just me. grin

4 thoughts on “Yes, my blogroll has returned.

  1. I stopped using a long while back.  I’d even subscribed to some plan or another, and was kind of happy when the subscription ran out.

    I manage my blogroll through my RSS reader (Blogmatrix Jaeger), which can export to a web page defined sites into a HTML output, complete with the DIV code I specify, etc.  Just add a server-side include in my sidebar, and hey-presto.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the inclusion, man.

  2. Ever since I switched from MT to WordPress, I’ve been using the Links feature to manage my blogroll. Works like a charm, except that since the 1.5 upgrade it hasn’t been cycling recently updated blogs to the top anymore. I’ll have to get around to solving that problem one of these days…

    Oh, and Les I am just devastated… nay, crushed that you haven’t added me back to your blogroll yet! *sniff*

    I’ll try to cope with the pain somehow. wink

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