Yeah, I was wondering about this one myself.

5 thoughts on “Yeah, I was wondering about this one myself.

  1. Well, up until now, the mice Apple provided for their Macs have all had only one button and for the past few years the whole mouse constituted the button. I liked to joke that Apple thinks its customers are so stupid that they can’t handle having two buttons to choose from so they designed a mouse you could just whap at randomly in order to get it to work.

  2. Great… it just broke my brain….

    Nearest I can figure the first three panels are pointless and the ‘what gives’ was aimed at the 5 button mouse

    But then again I came up with that assumption AFTER the comic broke my brain, now if you’ll excuse me im going to stare at a blank wall and drool a little till my brain comes back on.

  3. Originally I believe it was said that an Apple mouse would have more than one button when Hell Freezes Over…hence the first three panes.

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