Uwe Boll talks about his next video game-turned-movie disaster.

In what is certainly further proof that there is no God, clueless director Uwe Boll has given a short interview about his upcoming film adaptation of Dungeon Siege.

Director Uwe Boll recently spoke with Insomniac Mania about his upcoming project “Dungeon Siege” starring Ray Liotta, Ron Perlman, Claire Forlani, Leelee Sobieski, Matthew Lillard, Kristanna Loken, Burt Reynolds and John Rhys-Davies.

Rumour swirled a while back the game adaptation would be shot in two parts, Boll himself says he’s unsure if that’s still the case. The fight scenes will be “rough brutal battles combined with martial arts action” reminiscent of “Hero”. Comedy will be left up to two of the actors – “Matthew Lillard is the great and funny Duke Fallow. Ron Pearlman has a lot of dry humor.”

Hussars and Krugs from the game will appear. There will be several sex scenes, the score will be of the classical orchestral kind and the trailer will make its debut in November at the AFM in Los Angeles. No word yet on a game sequel based on the film.

We’ve talked about Uwe Boll before in regards to the horrid Alone In The Dark, which was supposedly based on the game of the same name except that it bore absolutely no resemblance to the game beyond the fact that the main character had exactly the same name as the protagonist in the original video game and, of course, the title. Boll has managed to land the rights to make movies based on quite a few video games despite the fact that he has yet to produce one that would be considered even remotely worth watching. I’m not all that upset about him destroying Dungeon Siege as the game’s storyline, while decent enough, wasn’t so detail rich that changes would be all that noticeable. Though if anyone can manage to screw it up I’d bet money that it’s Boll. He’d probably set it in the 25th century and turn it into a space opera. I’m more upset that he apparently has the rights to do a Metal Gear Solid movie, which has a story I’d really like to see adapted to film. He’s also working on a film based on Postal, which is already a pretty bad bit of work and probably the only video game Boll has a chance of improving upon when he makes it into a film.

I said it before, but it bears repeating once again: Someone stop this man before he puts out another astonishing turd of a movie!

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6 thoughts on “Uwe Boll talks about his next video game-turned-movie disaster.

  1. This man is obviously a lunatic, there is no story in postal to actually base a movie on!

    It’s like making a movie based on the original doom.

    But he has taken a sledgehammer to the already weak plot of dungeon siege, from what i read, I mean come on! When the hell did you get to have sex in dungeon siege!

    Oh well, hopefully his movies will continue to be dumped straight into the bargain bin on release, no need to publicly humiliate the game developers by playing it at the cinema

  2. Ok, first a confession. I actually enjoyed Alone In The Dark. It was stupid and ridiculous but in an entertaining, laugh-your-ass off kind of way. And it was great fun to watch Christian Slater gnawing his way through that much scenery.

    However, with the announcement of this new film, I’m at a loss. How the hell did Boll convince Ray Liotta, Ron Perlman, Leelee Sobieski, Matthew Lillard, Burt Reynolds and John Rhys-Davies to be in one of his movies?

    I suspect drugs. What was that CIA brainwashing program from the 50s?

  3. I suppose if you didn’t know Alone in the Dark was supposed to be based on a classic video game then there might be some enjoyment to be had from it, though considering it got only one positive review according to Rotten Tomatoes.com it’s hard to imagine it being too enjoyable.

  4. Well, I have a love of bad horror flicks, so I’m biased here. And I’ve always been a fan of Slater’s.

    I still didn’t love it or anything, but I did enjoy it and will propably watch it again at somepoint, probably with beer, popcorn and lots of shots.

    I did know it was based on the video game, by the way, but I’ve never been a gamer and the only experience I’ve had with the game is picking up and reading the box while my wife hunted the store for the latest Myst clone.

  5. Nothing wrong with that. My wife is a huge fan of the Bug Eyed Monster genre of film, but can’t stand most other forms of horror movies. Whereas I can’t stand most BEM films, particularly the ultra-cheap ones put out by the Sci-Fi channel.

  6. I’m more upset that he apparently has the rights to do a Metal Gear Solid movie

    Really!  I always thought of Hideo as the next George Lucas only that he wouldn’t crash out after the first three films.  When I refer to the gaming industry to those unfamiliar and skeptical, I point to the works of Kojima.  Having Boll direct it would be like Raiden becoming the main character.  I recommend that he try an adaption of Tetris.  It would be amusing to see what kind of cinematic voice he would capture for the blue, L shaped block.

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