Trackbacks for SEB are now disabled.

I’m joining a growing trend by disabling trackback support in SEB. I’ve already turned it off in all the other blogs I host and now I’m turning it off here. EE’s built in blacklist works pretty well at keeping trackback spam out of the blog, but it can only do so much and the sheer number of old domain names being gobbled up by the porn and poker websites so they can trackback spam with them is getting to be overwhelming. On average SEB receives around 500 trackbacks a month and if three of those were legit trackbacks it’d be a record. I don’t get enough legitimate trackbacks to make it worth cleaning up the bits of trackback spam that get through so I’m just going to turn them off for the time being.

8 thoughts on “Trackbacks for SEB are now disabled.

  1. Well, that’s a pity.

    I certainly understand, though.  I’m battling TB spam daily—my biggest reason to implement MT 3.2 will be to add moderation of TBs, so that they never get posted in the first place.

  2. This is a strong reason why I decided to just pack it in. The web has become a playground for spammers/hackers/virus writers/script kiddies. Almost forgot advertisers (shiver). I do most of my surfing these days via Bloglines and RSS feeds. Staying as far away from the main sites as I can.

    Your site and other personal blogs that don’t advertise are still OK, but most weblogs these days thing advertising is cool and it gets harder and harder to view the pages without my eyes bleeding from all the flashing attention getting ads.

    I have started using the Firefox extension AdBlock to stop most the worse flash based ads from appearing. It works really well.

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