Romantic Death

The Indy band The Sun has a new single called “Romantic Death”.  The song isn’t particularly great (although certainly not bad), but the music video that goes with it is…orgasmic.  No porn or nudity involved, just very tasteful erotica.

4 thoughts on “Romantic Death

  1. Yeah, Elton’s a music god. I’d like to see more biographies done of him.

    The old stuff never ages and I bet his music will be around 200 years from now.

    Some of my all time favorites of his and some weren’t singles:

    The One
    Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    Skyline Pigeon
    I’ve Seen The Saucers
    Cold As Christmas
    Too Low For Zero
    Sweat It Out
    Something About The Way You Look Tonight
    Medley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly)
    Dan Dare(Pilot of the Future)
    I Feel Like A Bullet In The Gun of Robert Ford
    Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To B A Long Time)
    Dirty Little Girls
    Bennie and the Jets
    Burn Down the Mission
    We All Fall In Love Sometimes
    I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
    Madman Across the Water
    Indian Sunset
    Simple Life
    Your Starter For…
    Have Mercy On the Criminal
    All The Girls Love Alice

    Man, there are just too many to do a list justice.

    As for the Romantic Death video…well, I wasn’t convinced most of the time.

  2. Hey Brock, how about “Breaking Down Barriers” and “Club at the End of the Street”…

    And of course YOU’d like “All the Girls Love Alice” smile

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