Paul Burdick, CTO of ExpressionEngine, goes video.

This was an interesting idea. Paul Burdick, one of the folks who puts together ExpressionEngine, sat down and did up a small 3 minute video entry on his blog where he talks about what’s coming up in the development process. Among other things will be a new template for the forum module to show what’s possible with it and a few comments on the promised commerce module that a lot of folks have been waiting for. No ETAs on when these things would be available, but it should please a lot of folks to know they’re being worked on. Plus, Paul’s a bit of a hottie so that makes watching the video that much more interesting.

3 thoughts on “Paul Burdick, CTO of ExpressionEngine, goes video.

  1. Keep in mind that I’m a straight married male so my judgment of what constitutes a hottie of the same gender may be less than astute.

    Honestly, anything that doesn’t make me scream in horror at seeing it probably qualifies when it comes to other men.

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