OK, maybe I’m not quite that good…

[17:28] somedude: I’ve noticed you have impeccable grammar. Did you pick it up early in school, learn it later through practice, or just always have an interest in your communication skills?
[17:29] StupEvilBst: Actually, my grammar sucks. I’m just pretty good about capitalizing what should be and putting in the occasional period or comma where it makes sense to do so. I’m sure I break all sorts of grammar rules.
[17:29] somedude: I used to be rather eloquent, but time and laziness have taken their toll.
[17:30] somedude: Who doesn’t? Compared to the rest of the internet, however…
[17:30] StupEvilBst: Well, yeah, compared to the rest of the Internet I’m William Fucking Shakespeare.

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