Off to jury duty today.

Well, today’s the day I go down to Detroit for my jury duty. I’ll be leaving in about five minutes as even though it’s only a half-hour drive, the freeway I’ll be traveling (I-96) has had construction going on it since the stone age it seems so I figured I should give myself extra time. I’m taking a nice and thick book along to pass the time with: Susan Jacoby’s Freethinkers in part because I’ve only made it half-way through the book and in part because it’ll be interesting to see if anyone asks about it.

Anyway, more later once I get back.

Update: Well, that was disappointing. I showed up about 10 minutes later than the 7:45AM time listed on the summons thanks to the construction on I-96 that I got an early start over, but not early enough it seems. That’s OK, though, as I was told that I just needed to be there before 9AM and they list 7:45AM so that everyone has time to get through security. So I grabbed my little juror info sheet and my red WAYNE COUNTY COURTS JUROR badge and sat my ass down to wait for my name to be called. At 8:30AM one of the ladies in the office—who is easily one of the happiest and sweetest people in Detroit based on how she talks—got onto the PA system to explain to us what was expected of us and how things would proceed. When she was done she turned us loose to hit the restroom or the snack shop just down the hall from the juror’s assembly room or go out and grab a smoke with the condition that we were back in the room by 9AM. Over the course of the next hour she’d come onto the PA and start reading off names that had been randomly picked by the computer to go to a specific court room. Three or four sets got called up in relatively rapid order, but I wasn’t picked for any of them. Then at around 10:30AM the nice lady comes back on the PA and explains that there’s really only one more trial today that they needed jurors for so they’re going to read off 33 names chosen by the computer and if our name isn’t called then we’d be free to leave for the day and our civic duty would be considered fulfilled for the next 12 months. Needless to say, I wasn’t one of the 33 names read off.

So I basically drove down to Detroit so I could sit in a room with 70 or 80 other people for a couple of hours while snacking on a Honeybun and a Diet Coke that sufficed for a breakfast. I bought today’s Detroit Free Press and managed to read the whole thing before starting in on my book, but I didn’t get very far before they sent me home. No judging of others for me today. Well, at least not outside the confines of my blog. Oh well, perhaps next time.

7 thoughts on “Off to jury duty today.

  1. Getting out of jury duty is easy.  The trick is to say you’re prejudiced against all races.

    Gotta love Homer Simpson.

  2. Unless you’re wearing one of your Hawaiian shirts, eh? wink  I had a similar experience with the one time I was called for jury duty.  I was even in the final group chosen.  We were sitting waiting for the attorneys to question us.  The defendant (accused of beating his wife with a bat) poked his head in with his attorney.  The attorney called the judge into the back.  The judge returned laughing and told us that we must have looked mean because the guy decided to plead guilty.

  3. Have you ever been on jury duty before? 

    When I lived in NY, they’d get me every 2 years like *clockwork*.  At first, it was interesting – drug cases, assaults, purse snatchings, etc . . . but after a while – and especially when some of these bullshit cases were taking 2 and 3 weeks, and all you’re getting paid is 10 bucks a day – it got old.  Fast. 

    What was even *worse* was realizing that some of the mouth-breathers out there actually get to decide the fate of other people.  Some of these mental feebs have no problem condemning others for things that aren’t even CRIMES.  I remember one guy who was on trial for purse-snatching, and 4 of the folks on the jury insisted he MUST have been guilty because, after all, he’d porked some big-titted stripper the same night he was arrested.  Didn’t matter that he and his wife were separated at the time.  Sheesh.

    Since I moved out of NY, I haven’t been called up for jury duty – going on over 14 years now.  I don’t miss it one bit.

  4. So I basically drove down to Detroit so I could sit in a room with 70 or 80 other people for a couple of hours while snacking on a Honeybun and a Diet Coke that sufficed for a breakfast.

    We also serve who sit and munch a honeybun.

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