Melvin update.

Melvin had an early morning trip to the vet’s today for a good teeth cleaning, an update to his shots, and to have whatever the hell was growing next to his bottom right canine tooth removed and examined. Turns out that whatever it is it’s not the result of an abscess in the tooth so they didn’t need to remove the tooth like they had originally thought they might need to. It’s been packaged up and sent off to be biopsied to see if it’s anything serious and we should find out by the end of the week if it is. I picked him up around 3:30 this afternoon and he was very happy to be getting the hell out of the clinic. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard him hiss at anything since he came to live with us.

Once home he settled in pretty quickly, though he was particularly needy in terms of staying as close to me as possible without actually getting into my lap for most of the night. As I type he’s curled up on the floor behind my chair and he’ll probably end up sleeping at the foot of the bed once I finish this up and shut down for some shuteye. He seems to be doing well and free of any pain from the experience so I’m hopeful that he’s going to be alright in the long run.

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