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I’ve been collecting comic books for the last 11 years (incidently, more than half of my life). In that time I’ve come across crazy Japanese porn comics, corny but readable comics, just plain stupid comics (kite-man?  WTF?), even propaganda laced war comics from decades earlier.  You’d think that propaganda crap would have died down about 25 years ago, but nope; “Liberality for all” features a right wing radio host who turns into a cyborg to battle the new menace of ultra-liberalism.  I am so not shiting you.  It’s not the injection of politics that gets me—I mean, I’ve read and enjoyed “The Authority” and “V for Vandetta”.  It’s just the whacked out way liberalism is hyperbolized.  Even “V…” had a good grounding on the subject of fascism and didn’t deteriorate into one long meaningless visual rant.  If you’re drinking something, put it down now.  The hero of this comic is Sean Hannity, along with his sidekick Oliver North.  I warned you.

Here’s an official blurb from the company which makes the comic:

It is 2021, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. America is under oppression by ultra-liberal extremists that have surrendered governing authority to the United Nations. It is up to an underground group of bio-mechanically enhanced conservatives led by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North to thwart Ambassador Usama Bin Laden’s plans to nuke New York City.

“bio-mechanically enhanced conservatives”….LMFAO!  These guys throw hissy fits about letting scientists use stem cells to further medicine and science.

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  1. I just took a look at the five page preview they have up on the site and I have to admit I’m impressed…

    I didn’t think anyone could come close to the Bible Thumpers in how they demonized the opposition, but I was sorely wrong. Here I am a part of an evil empire and I didn’t even realize it. I’m surprised the comic didn’t have us liberals walking around with little swastikas on our sleeves.

  2. This comic sounds like such shit. Liberal extremists: thats a funny concept. Its probably close to some sort of anarchy. But wow. This comic deserves mention on its sheer stupidity. Why cant there be a “Most pathetic peice of liturature of the year” award because we have a clear winner.

    Cheers BunBun

  3. This kind of thing isn’t unusual in comics. The small press companies put out an awful lot of drek and there’s usually some stupid political stuff from both sides mixed into the lot.

    I remember a comic a couple of year ago called “Rush Limbaugh Must Die.”

  4. I stick to the serious superheroes.  Coincidentally I just bought and read Superman: Red Son.  It’s a reimagined version of the Superman tale where Superman’s ship lands in a collective farm in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas.  Very good read and very fair to the political ideologies involved.

  5. … Leftist oppression …

    Wow!  I didn’t know liberals could oppress!
    I still have a hard time saying saying “Conservative Right”.  I always want to say “Conservative Wrong!”

    I also wish people would understand that there are people in the world that can be ‘fiscally’ conservative and ‘socially’ liberal at the same time.  (i guess vice-versa as well)

  6. I also wish people would understand that there are people in the world that can be ‘fiscally’ conservative and ‘socially’ liberal at the same time.  (i guess vice-versa as well)

      Cool!!!  That is pretty much how I describe my views.

  7. Wow! I didn’t know liberals could oppress!

    Liberals true to the term, no. But liberal ideologies and pet causes, yes I think they can.

    I recently wondered if one of the main thing dividing conservatives from liberals is the degree of uncertainity. Read as: conservatives, whatever their vievs, are much more sure that those are ‘true’. Liberals such as most of us here, are much more sceptical of our own values and opinions (especially these days, we even put the word ‘truth’ in parentheses *grin*), because we are aware they might be wrong. We don’t have the messianic instinct.

    Obviously there’s a downside for both viewpoints. But it would explain why conservatives these days rule the roost, and dems (to take the US example) are timid and over-careful even when everything is starting to crash down around the Bush gov.

    BTW: I don’t think the comics are that bad. There’s an interview with the writer here:

  8. I also wish people would understand that there are people in the world that can be ‘fiscally’ conservative and ‘socially’ liberal at the same time.

    I was under the (perhaps incorrect?) impression that that was a grounding of libertarianism.

  9. I’ve always felt that the Wikipedia entry for Libertarian does a pretty good job of summing it up.

    Personally, I’m more libertarian than liberal, but most folks don’t seem to be able to grasp that concept too well so I just stick with liberal.

  10. In my Opinion , all democrat voters of Bill Clinton are the real parasites of the US economy ,ie in United states.You people , need to be hunted down by the republican majority voters , like some carnivorous wild animals infected with a highly infectious disease like eg : antherax or rabies .

    In other words , you are traitors . If your Bill clinton still ruled US , Osama bin Laden would be addressing US congress & will be receiving a standing ovation. Democrat voters or liberals are all about Political correctness , & a lot of evil hides behind Political correctness.


  11. Wow, that was pathetic.

    I can sum up the difference between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in just a couple of sentences. Under Clinton I had no problems finding employment and landing the biggest paychecks of my career. Under Bush I sat through two pay cuts and an elimination of overtime only to be laid off for my loyalty and then unemployed for over 7 months. Under Clinton our government managed to build up a budget surplus. Under Bush we’ve broken all new records for government debt. Clinton managed to go 8 years without launching wars under false pretenses. Bush jumped from a legit war to an illegitimate one without missing a beat.

    You can take your political correctness claims and shove them up your ass.

  12. N. Raja,  if you’re going to come onto someone’s website and start insulting them by proxy of political affiliation, at least you can list reasons to back up your opinion.  Come on, you’re a big boy:  tell us (preferably in actual sentences and not one liners) just why:

    -Democrats are parasites that need to be hunted
    -Why Clinton was a bad president
    -How Bush is a better president
    -What you think the Republican party has over the
    -Why you advocate murdering people who hold a
    different political opinion than you

    Mind you I am neither Democrat nor Republican; I have no party ties, and vote on basis on logic, reason, and practicallity, so I assure you that I will be impartial when listening to your reason.  Oh yeah, and if you’re gonna make claims, back it up, mmmk?  For example,  saying “the economy is better” doesn’t really work unless you can say “during Clinton our national deficit was _____, while under Bush it is now ______”.  Go for it. However, knowing the nature of trolls I won’t be holding my breath.

  13. The real reason , why a certain percentage of people hate Bill Clinton is because he is an imposter & FAKE. Take it from me.

    If you people did well under Bill Clinton , it is simply because there is usually , a certain cycle that affects every economy & every business. For example : take the case of Japan , it going under recession ( & now china is booming ). It was Bill Clinton’s Good fortune that economy did well under his presidentship.It’s a mere coincidence.

    If Bill Clinton didn’t wage wars is simply because he didn’t have the balls , More so because He was simply not bothered.He would have done the same thing if , 9/11 had happened under his presidentship. He would have launched another PR offensive trying to save his ass , instead of doing something really credible to root out terrorism. Under him , you may have had 100 different types of terror attacks.

    Here in India , we are suffering a great deal simply because we repeated had Prime Ministers since India’s independence , who are only good at PR offensive & nothing else. Things are far worse , when you have a print media ( along with Television) thatis always politically correct & defferential to powers to be. We have a large muslim population ( 15 percent ) , which has made things lot worse.

    We had Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru as the first prime minister after independence , whom I thing was the most impotent prime Minister but he is some sort of National Hero here.Not many Hindus like him.Under his prime ministership , lakhs of hindus were massacred & women raped by muslim militia in Kashmir. We have lost 4/5th of Kashmir to Pakistan since the Prime Minister was mroe interested in appeasing the large muslim minority.We then lost a war to China.

    For more information on Indo -China War , please log on to :

    We had suffered contineously under a lot of Prime Ministers who had Fake imposters . ( Indira , Rajiv & Atal Biharee …etc). The problem is simple , we Indians see a lot of parellel between Bill Clinton & Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Incidentally , Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was an womeniser in the same lines as Bill Clinton. When he visited G Britain in an official trip , he supposedly slept with his british mistress there in her house.

    India is doing well at present economically but it cannot be attributed to present or Previous prime ministers .

    So I think you got the point.

  14. If Bill Clinton didn’t wage wars is simply because he didn’t have the balls , More so because He was simply not bothered.

    Uh, exactly why would Clinton have waged war during his 8 years in office? Who would we have fought, and for what reason? I mean seriously, do you just expect the president of the U.S. to start wars for shits and giggles or something?

    He would have done the same thing if , 9/11 had happened under his presidentship. He would have launched another PR offensive trying to save his ass , instead of doing something really credible to root out terrorism.

    1)  It’s very likelt that Clinton would have invaded Afghanistan.  You know why?  Because that’s where Bin laden was!  I don’t fault Bush for his stance on Afghanistan. No, what I and many others protests is his unilateral decision to preemptively strike Iraq.  It basically amounted to a swithing game:

    Bushy:  shit!  We can’t find Bin Laden
    Rumsfeld:  Invade Iraq!
    Bush:  WHY???
    Cheney:  Because then everyone will forget our
          failure to capture Bin Laden.

    2)  What, precisely, has BushCo done to root out terrorism, except maybe to enact the (un)Patriot(ic) Act and further erode civil liberties?  Shyte dude, the Bush administration can’t even handle a friggin’ HURRICANE! 

    You should check out “Patterns of Global Terrorism”.  It basically says that terror has INCREASED more than three-fold from the year 2003 to 2004.  Yeah, I feel shitloads safer.  Let’s not forget the thousands of budding terrorist we now have in Iraq.  After seeing their homes and families torn to shreds, I’m sure they’re definitely gonna hate the U.S. now.  While we’re on Iraq, someone please explain how replacing one of the more progressive islamic countires with a theocracy is liberating.

    3)  As for the PR stuff….uh…if the handling of Katrina is any indication, the president doesn’t give a rat’s tail about those in need.  He basically sat on his ass for a week, and then used the disaster as a PR event to try to get the public back on his side.  Bush used the twin tower bombings as a giant PR event.  For the next two years the guy couldn’t utter a sentence that didn’t include “terrist”[sic].  The only reason Bush has was reelected was b/c after 9/11 there were many people, especially in the Bible Belt and Mideast, who bought into the BS of this being a culture and religious war, and jumped on the fundamental Xtianity bandwagon.  Had 9/11 never happened, Bush would be just another unmemorable president.

    So I think you got the point.

    No, what i got was you saying that Clinton sucked because he didn’t start wars and the economy just happened to be ok under him, but Bush rules because he likes fighting those nasty Muslims.

  15. George W Bush is the Best US President in recent US history. Liberals are naked ( or shameless ) just like Bill Clinton.

    George W Bush helped US conquer Afghanistan.To understand the importance of conquest of Afghanistan , you need to understand certain facts.

    Afghanistan is a natural FORTRESS with deep valleys , ridges , ravines , mountain passes & Steep mountains, spreading an area of 100,000 sq kms ,  an unique creation of nature.It sits bang enroute Central Asia & is also the backyard of China & Russia . Since it’s a natural fortress , it has never been conquered in recent 2000 years by any conquerer( also because it is inhabited by rugged mountain warriers ). Conquest of Afghanistan in such a short period , is no mean achievement , also a tribute to mighty American military machine.

    Central Asia at the moment , has got largest reserves of fossil fuels . And Khazakhistan with highest known reserves of natural gas. US companies are here to exploit it , to be able to sell it to newly growing economies like China & India ( plus Europe ).

    Conquest of Iraq is also very important , which not many liberals in US will never understand ( since their brains are supposed to be smaller than the Dick of Mr Bill Clinton).

    After the first Gulf War -1 , a lot Arab states ( including their elites ) had started keeping their deposits or financial reserves in Euros ( instead of Dollars ). If this example were to be followed by other countries in Asia & Africa , US dollar will lose its predominant position as a world’s safest currency.

    Fighting the Gulf War -2 , enabled US to not only conquer 40% of world’s known oil reserves but also play a more influential role in the politics of the Gulf. At the moment , no Arab state can dare to face US displeasure.

    To understand this further why US economy is so strong , you need to understand the importance of the Dollar as a world Currency.

    A lot of Arab states that export oil , expect to paid only in Dollars ( not in any other currency ). So a lot of countries such as India , China , Japan , Pakistan , Korea ….etc….etc   have to export more & more to the US inorder to earn enough dollars to pay for their Oil imports.

    So a lot of products are much cheaper in US than in say the country of their origin. Example , Cashew Nut grown in Kerala is much more costlier in India than in US . So Japanese cars manufactured in Japan is much more costlier in Japan than US . So a extremely poor country like Bangladesh have to export a lot of rice to US in order to pay for oil.

    To understand this further , a lot Indians , Chinese , Korean , Pakistanis …etc keep their wealth begotten legally or illegally in US Dollars . Currupt Politicians , Dictators , Wealthy Businessmen , Industrialists , ….etc usually keep their illgotten wealth in US dollars.

    All major articles ,  items are valued only in Dollars. World Bank , IMF gives loans & receives interest only in Dollars .

    Thus Dollar so much in Demand , always manages to keep US economy very , very strong.

    Oil is extremely important for US economy & Equally for World Economy . It’s a non renewable resource , thus who controls the oil resources also controls the world economy. Thus US concentrates on control of Oil resources , which at the moment is available only in the Gulf region alone.

    With Gulf region being predominantly muslim countries in control of Oil , with out the US military might ,  all Jihadists will be running amok , with nobody able to control them.

    Once US gets control of Oil resources in central Asia , its position will be much safer .

    Enormous US influence world wide also enables US companies do profitable business abroad. Countries like China , Japan , Korea …..& India etc for example , prefer to purchase Boeing Airoplanes instead of AirBus manufactured by France inspite of its obvious advantages .This is recented by Europeans & a lot of others as well.

    Thus powerful Dollar also helps a powerful US.

    Just incase US elects Democrat Leaders like Bill Clinton , US will never go to war even when utmost necessary . I remember during Bill Clinton’s Administration , there were quite a few high profile thefts of sensitive nuclear secrets by Chinese secret agents working as scientists but NOTHING happened .It has happened on three or four more different occasions. This was reported in Indian newspapers ( so definitely in US newspapers as well ).

    When sensitive nuclear secrets are stolen , you lose Billions , billions & billions of dollars worth data . Countries inimical to US will be able to produce Nuclear weapons ( example Tactical nuclear weapons …..etc ) , with little effort presenting US with a serious challenge at a military level.

    A similar thefts that happened in 1950s , is said to be responsible for Korean War.

    Some US scientists stole nuclear secrets for   Soviet Agents . Soviet Union soon acquired nuclear weapons .After this you had the Korean war since now Soviet Union was also a nuclear power. An estimated 80,000 US soldiers lost their lives , in Korean war.

    Then China also acquired nuclear weapons.Even till date even a small country like North Korea poses a Threat to US interests.

    So what if Bill Clinton managed to control deficits for few million dollars , he has made your country lose a lot more money in other ways .This man is a fake , he also doesn’t have the balls either.( remember USS Cole Bombing , he did nothing ).

    Yours …etc

  16. Please understand this futher , Japan was conquered by US but Japanese didn’t indulge in Terror to settle scores during US occupation which was largely peaceful . So did the phillipinos.

    Why then the muslims respond with terror, to the conquest of Iraq. Let’s remember , terrorists are killing a lot of muslims as well.

    Why do terrorists attack Kashmir? India is the propably the only country in the world ,  where Hindus are treated as Second class citizens inspite of being a majority in their own country.

    Islamic Terrorists are active in Kashmir , Chechenya , Iraq ….etc. Why ?

    They want to create a pan Islamic State . Kashmir is a muslim majority state in India , so Pakistan says , it must be a part of Pakistan , NOT India. So Does Chechens , they say they are muslims & Will be a independent.

    So the Sunnis in Iraq.

    Muslims as we know across Indian Subcontinent are known to be fundamentally violent . I have personally seen them fighting & know they have very little respect for human life.

    To understand the Terrorists , you need to understand that they have ulterior motives. They need not indulge in terror especially when US has spent billions of dollars trying to rebuild Iraq. They aren’t cooperating . Deliberately.

    One thing is obvious , they don’t care for ordinary Iraqis.

    What President Bush is doing is fine , he understands their psychology very well .You are very lucky to have him as your President . He is a straight talking man & means business.Finally , he needs to be very ,very tough , when dealing with insurgency.

    As about Hurricane Katrina , all I can say is very little. Nobody , who has seen cyclones in recent years striking US , could have anticipated such a calamity. Now you have Hurricane “Rita

  17. So, what your first post basicaaly said was that Bush is the best president ever because he can bully other countries to ensure we keep our edge.  that’s like saying “Johhny is the smartest boy ever because he can bully the other kids into doing his homework and giving him their lunch money”.

    You know, I think you might be on to something.  Whatever happened to Manifest Destiny?  Why stop at the Mexican border?  Hell, the U.S. should start a war with India, just for the hell of it.  If you think Indian professionals are paid a pittance right now for outsourced tech work, wait till we stomp the shiznick out of your country!

  18. As for your seconf response, I can understand your bafflement at continuing Muslim violence, but what has a war in Kashmir got to do with invading a sovereign nation?  You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that actually condones or seeks to justify anti-Hindu violence.  Also, just because I don’t agree with Islamic followers assaulting other faiths doesn’t mean I agree every single Muslim on the face of the planet should be wiped out. While we’re discussing religion in India, tell me—how are the Hindus treating the Sihks?

  19. I think you are a Democrat Liberal , you cannot stand President George W Bush inspite of the fact that he represents the best interests of your country.

    Forgive me for my personal opinion , you need to get a rectal Job done by some republicans living in your country , it will help you feel better about your President George W Bush.

    As far as America INVADING India , here are some FACTS.

    Under George W Bush , India & US are more closer than EVER. ( especially under your impotent Bill Clinton). We are all greateful to Our Dear President George W Bush for being so NICE to our Country.

    We all love Condelizza Rice very much , who did a great job in bringing US & India closer .

    At the moment India & US share a lot of strategic Interests . By the way , US has offered India enriched Uranium fuel for Indian Nuclear power plants for Tarapur , Kota & Kalpakkam ,knowing fully well India is not a signitary of NPT ( Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty ). This is all without any preconditions.

    A lot of democrat Congressmen raised their objections but the deal went through smoothly.

    Iran & Pakistan is very sore about this deal which they say is an example of double standards when it comes to US foreign policy.

    All this , while Iran by the way is a signitory to NPT , which India is NOT ( & a nuclear weapons state ).


    We Indians have the second largest pool of Scientific & Technical manpower in the world ( next only to US ).So your corporations love to get their tech jobs done here .

    Your country needs us Indians & Chinese ( may be East Europeans as well ) to work in your various scientific & Technical Departments.Since we are so good at Science & Technology.

    Many of the Scientists working in NASA are of Indian origin ( 30 % ).Silicon Valley in California is dominated by the Indians. They occupy a good percentage of Science & tech Departments in US . Many professors in elite US universities eg Stanford are from India.

    An estimated 3 million Indians reside in US ,Indian-Americans occupy senior positions at many of America’s top technology firms, such as Sun Microsystems, Cisco, and Hughes Network Systems. United Airlines and USAir are headed by Indian-Americans.They are among the most highly educated people in your country & also the most productive.

    Indian Americans have the highest per capita income in United States ,of $17,777.00 for this community, as compared with a national per capita income of $14,143.00 .They are most prevalent in the fields of science and technology. Indian-Americans are also very involved in academia. Over five thousand Indian-American faculty members are teaching at various universities around the nation.Indian-Americans have also become successful entrepreneurs, and many of the hotels and motels in the United States are owned by Indian Americans. These entrepreneurs have established an organization, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, (AAHOA) to further their business goals through contact and cooperation with others. AAHOA has over four thousand members, and together these people own over fifty percent of the economy in the lodging sector, with approximately 640,000 rooms. In all, they own around 12,500 hotels, with a total market value of their properties estimated at $31 BIllion

    Furthermore, 500,000 Indian-American medical doctors are practicing in the United States today.These physicians have organized themselves through the American Association of Physicians from India (AAPI), a powerful grouping that enables them to better promote their interests, and have opened up a full time legislative office in Washington, D. C.

    Your Democratic Presidents go more than arm’s length wooing Indian American Community not only for their support but also for fund raising. They literally beg the Indian Americans to fund their campaigns ( especially Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton).

    Considering the size of the population and income figures, it is estimated that the annual buying power of Indian-Americans in the United States is around
    twenty billion dollars annually7 .


    India is no pushover , like Iraq or Afghanistan . It’s a large country like China . It accounts of 16 percent of the world population. Most importantly , it’s a nuclear weapons State just like China. It also has quite a few ICBMs ( Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) , just like China. It also has a space programme just like US or Russia , & it launches its own satellites in Space.It also has a large Pharmaceutical Industry & it is the world leader in Information Technology. All US software giants like Microsoft , Oracle , IBM ,…etc produce their software in this country ( remember Bangalore ).This also includes Chinese Giants like Huweii Technologies.

    US may never dare to invade either of both these countries since they are not WEAK.

    For People like you …..

    So Hell with Shitty Democratic Liberals like you.We will never need to fear any president if any elected by you , since they will most be a Hillary Clinton or Chelesea Clinton.

    With Democratic Liberals like you , Osama Bin Laden will be having a Good time bombing your country.In fact he will find a great friend in people like you.

    That’s why I said , democrat liberals like you must be chased out of United States by republicans.

    So my advice to you is to ensure that next time around ensure that no republican President ever gets elected if you people have the balls.

  20. This message is to Mr Iolite

    I am sorry for some comments posted by me on this website.Please forgive me.Those comments were unparliamentary.

    I could not take your comments about India being attacked by US . It makes no sense at all,since this country has not attacked US interets anywhere in the world .It is a peaceful country.

    This really annoyed me no end.


  21. Mr Iolite,

    Let’s have a fruitful discussion without finding fault with each other for their views.

    As far as sikhs are concerned , I want to state the following :

    Sikhs in India are a very prosperous community in this country .The fact that Sikhs are being treated unfairly as propogated by some individuals or organizations is a blatent lie.Those propogating this lie are Sikhs settled in US or Canada for last 100 years or more , who have very little knowledge about present conditions in India.

    They migrated to Canada during British Rule .

    It is true that there were some anti Sikh riots in Northern India about 21 years ago ( 1984 ) but it was committed by some criminal tribes settled in Delhi & elsewhere ( propably Gujjars ) .

    But It’s a long , long time ago.

    There is a disinformation campaign by some vested interests in the Sikh Community to divide the Hindus & Sikhs .There is also a strong suspicion that these Groups are funded by Pakistan Secret Agency ISI.

    The present Indian Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh is a Sikh , hailing from the same minority sikh Community. This speaks for itself . In India , the post of the Prime Minister is the most powerful post.

    A lot of Hindus believe that Sikhs are just like their brothers since Sikhism is a offshoot of Hinduism , just like Buddhism & Jainism. A lot of Sikhs marry Hindus & a lot of Hindus marry Sikhs as well.

    But the same Sikhs Community faced enormous violence from Islamic Rulers , who ruled this country once .Two of their Religious Teachers were tortured to death by the same Islamic fundamentalists , trying to force them to convert to Islam.

    They HATE the Muslims as much as Hindus do…So we do have a lot of communal voilence.


  22. Funny thing about this thread… the opposing sides of the current discussion BOTH have valid points. Somehow. Ehem.

    The points just don’t quite match up.


  23. Uh…you people do realize that it’s a joke, right? Or at least I hope it is. I sincerely hope no one expects me or anyone else to learn valuable moral lessons from a biomech Sean Hannity.

    Now, a psychic time traveling Rachel Maddow, on the other hand…


  24. Tabris, I haven’t seen anything that would indicate it’s a joke. The reviews I’ve seen seem to think it was done in all seriousness. There’s nothing on their website to indicate it’s a satire.

    One bit of good news, it doesn’t look like they got past 4 issues and the site hasn’t been updated since 2006.

  25. Wow… I just read some of the threads on this page starting way back in 2005. Now it’s April 2011 and a lot has changed since then…. Yes, I’m an American. But I still agree Bill Clinton was one of the worst presidents the U.S. has ever had! Obama (supposed king of change) hasn’t done a damn thing for this country! Things have only gotten worse!!! I would take George W. Bush back in a heart beat! Those who love Clinton and Obama just don’t see the “big picture”!

  26. Hmmm, let’s see: Under Clinton we had a budget surplus by the time he left office. Under Bush we had an all-time record budget deficit when he left. Now Obama has to clean up the Republican’s mess.

    But I’ll bite, Chris. What’s this big picture we’re supposedly not seeing? And in what way have things gotten worse since Bush drove the economy into the ground?

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