It’s my birthday and I’ll panic if I want to.

Yep, here it is. I’m officially 38 years old now. Or damn close to it, I don’t recall exactly what time I was born, and it is still pretty early because I’ve been too stressed to sleep, so it’s possible there may be an hour or two left to go, but close enough for our purposes. Got the good news/bad news routine for my B’day. The good news is that I got three new video games as presents, the first I’ve had since Christmas. The three in question are: Battlefield 2, Dungeon Siege II, and God of War. I also got a couple of new Big Dog shirts from my mom-in-law, a nice scented candle from my sister-in-law, and a card/poker chip set from my father-in-law. I suspect a card from my folks will be along in the mail later today. It was nice to get a few things to take my mind off the bad news, which was finding out that, yes, it is possible to get an extension on your unemployment benefits but only when the President of the United States says so and, no, he hasn’t declared any extensions anytime recently. This means, unless the President suddenly declares that extensions are available, my unemployment officially runs out in a little less than 4 weeks time.

So at this point I’m pretty much assuming I’m going to have to start handing in applications for whatever crappy retail or similar type jobs I can find in hopes of landing at least two of them in order to keep on surviving. Getting a job in my career looks to be pretty much out of the question at this point. If I can’t land a couple of crappy jobs then I’m going to be in serious trouble pretty damned quick. And for those of you who keep asking, yes, I’ve given some thought to starting my own business and I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. I just don’t know enough about running a business to do it very well and I’m not sure I have the desire to learn it well enough to keep from screwing it up. I’ve got no problems being a cog in someone else’s machine so I can do my 40 hours and go the hell home and forgot that the company I work for even exists for the next 16 hours until I have to go back the next day. I’ve got a friend who is running his own PC Support business and he seems to be making a decent living at it, but when I see what he goes through to make it work I’m pretty sure I’d have a hard time being as successful.

Anyway, it’s 2:43AM now and I think I’ve gotten tired enough that I might be able to fall asleep now. Don’t know what I’ll do when I get up in the morning. It’s going to be a quite birthday seeing as we’ve already done the get together with the relatives thing. Oh, before I go I wanted to thank those of you who’ve been so generous as to throw a little cash my way via the donation links on the sidebar. I’ve not asked again since the first time, but a few of you have been gracious enough to donate multiple times and I just want you guys to know that it is very much appreciated. It’s a shame I can’t make a living blogging. grin

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  1. Woohoo!  First to wish you a Happy Birthday!  I’m praying for your situation.  Wish I could help more.

  2. For what it’s worth, I hope your birthday is as good as it can be considering the circumstances.

  3. Wow! I don’t know how you felt 38 years ago but I was sure as hell busy! Love you and wishing you a better coming year and a Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday, and I’m sure GWB would make a special announcement if he knew it was your birthday. 

    Couple of thoughts for you re working for yourself – there is a middle road which is contracting (under an umbrella company if you’re really paperwork-averse) – you still get so be somebody’s 9-6 wageslave, and walk away at the end of the day, but you earn nearly twice what you would as a fulltimer (as you have to ‘pay’ your own pension, holiday, sick, etc – effectively, you self-insure).  Find some Contracting agents and get in touch – you don’t even need to commit to anything right now and there sounds like very little to lose…

    The other thing you could try for a bit of extra cash is and similar sites where you effectively freelance online.

    Oh, and I hope you got the card, there’s a cheque for £500 in it (hope it didn’t get lost in the post) 😀

  5. Thanks again everyone. I think it’s going to be an OK day. I’ll have to take a pic of what Anne did to the wall over my PC and post it so you guys can see it.

    Cliff, I’ve actually been working as a contractor for the past almost decade for a couple of different companies. First for a company called A.R.C., now defunct as I recall, and this last time for Altair Engineering, which I loved working for and ultimately hope will find me something new to do. I’ve talked with a lot of contract houses since becoming unemployed and I’m hoping someone will find me something soon. In fact, the only thing close to an interview I’ve had has been with contract houses. I’m very familiar with them and would be happy to go back to work for one.

  6. My mom has small entry up you guys might find interesting. It even includes an incredibly old pic from my 17th birthday party it appears where I sit in full geeky regalia in front of my computer cake. Damn I was a skinny kid.

  7. Hey Les –

    First off, Happy Birthday.  38 isn’t so old after all. Just wait until you’re 58 😀

    I can understand kind of where you are, because my last unemployment period was about 6 months* – the longest I’d ever gone unemployed.  Please remember that you have a great support network: friends, family, Anne, etc. and they can help see you though it, if you let ‘em.

    There are many paths off the road you’re on; a wise man once said that if what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else (POTUS is exempt, natch). No matter what, things are going to change, so the ‘bad’ times won’t be here forever.

    Take care of yourself, please make sure to get sleep and try to de-stress in as non-destructive a way as possible.

    Things _WILL_ get better, I promise.


    *I have a college degree, as well as certs. None of that junk really matters when it comes to getting re-employed. In my situation, there were other things that were more important. YMMV, of course.

  8. Its been said before, yet I’ll say it again.

    Happy Birthday, Les!

    And as for the job hunt, I’m sure something will turn up soon. There is a saying that my dad passed on to me though – “sometimes you have to do jobs you hate just to get the jobs you like”. It holds pretty true, especially in my case. Currently, I work at the local Liquor Store as a stock boy/cashier, so im on my feet pretty much ALL day. The work sucks, but at least it pays the bills until I can get a computer hardware tech job.

    Im optimistic in your case of finding a job (the best of luck with the job hunt, btw), but just in case, I would suggest adding in applications to the grunt jobs as well, because after all, your still making money – even if you hate what your doing.

    Once again, great tidings to you on this wonderous day smile

  9. Happy Birthday, Les!
    38 isn’t that old…at least that’s what I tell myself when I think of my own approaching birthday raspberry

    Hope you have a wonderful year smile

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