Info about my groovy new job.

For those who don’t know, if I can manage to wrangle a living out of something I enjoy instead of a “real” job, I’ll be more than willing to take whatever comes my way. It has to be better than working at Target.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Recently I just moved one step closer to that dream. I was hired by a website to write movie reviews for them. The job is unpaid, I have to supply the money for tickets myself, and the reviews will be read by 600,000 people a month tops. However, it’s the principle: my writing will be seen by more people than my closest friends and family.

I’m writing under the psuedonym “Bachalon.” If you have the chance, check out my reviews (only one as of this writing, by I’m putting the finishing touches on a second one).


4 thoughts on “Info about my groovy new job.

  1. I wasn’t certain whether to post this one or not, but Bach seems so excited about it that I thought letting folks know wouldn’t be a terrible thing to do. So before anyone jumps on me, consider this just a small bit of friendly PR for a regular.

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