I’m not really a pedophile, but I did play one in an anime dub once.

According to some guy named “jefu” my picture here on the site makes me look like a pedophile.

Some people hate Karyn. This guy does. Doesn’t he look like a pedophile? Now, you may be thinking that I shouldn’t say that, but would you let him baby-sit YOUR kids? Didn’t think so.

OK, so I look like a pedophile now. But at least the pic I chose doesn’t make me look like I’m getting a woody from molesting a monkey statue

18 thoughts on “I’m not really a pedophile, but I did play one in an anime dub once.

  1. Les, you are welcome to babysit Katherine any time you are in town.

    Besides, your picture doesn’t make you look like a pedophile.  It makes you look like a Hell’s Angel named Bludgeon.  Or maybe a guy named Rufus who lives in a Rightous Free Christian America Compound in Montana. 

    But not a pedophile.  grin

  2. come on jefu, come up with a better insult than that.

    better insults for jefu to use:

    “poop head!”
    “my dad could beat up your dad”
    “please don’t hurt me les, i didn’t mean it”

  3. ***Dave, if I’m ever in Denver and in desperate need of a babysitting job then I’ll be sure look you up. grin

    Daniel, I don’t think he was trying to be insulting. I think he was trying to be funny and it was mildly amusing. I chuckled at it myself.

  4. ahhh shit, i need to lay off the coffee.

    No, no, Daniel! Your avatar looks fine. Really!


    And yes, Les DOES look like someone who likes guns and remote desert compounds.

    BTW Les, do you know that the Inquisition goons in the ‘Vampire – Bloodlines’ game look perfectly like you as well?

  5. Ha. Obviously this guy does not know what a pedophile looks like. Pedophiles look like priests.

    OK, that is not a fair thing to say. But I could not help it.

    Cheers BunBun

  6. Thats an ass-backwards blanket statement if ever I saw one. Hell, ANYBODY can look like a pedophile these days…you just gotta ask the right (or wrong) people. It pretty much goes the same way with people looking like they’re gay, liberal or stupid – its all about the individual perception.

    Personally Les, you dont look like a pedophile at all. Hell, if anything, you remind me of an old buddy from college.

  7. Pedophile:  No

    Slightly pissed of skin head:  Yes

    Convicted felon named Bubba serving a life sentence for murder and looking for his next prison bitch:  Definitely

  8. Iolite: ” Convicted felon named Bubba serving a life sentence for murder and looking for his next prison bitch:  Definitely “

    LOL That’s funny!

    But I say, slap a hat on him and Les looks Amish!

  9. Just for one day, I’d like to see Les get some of those bright red contact lenses with the bulging yellow capillaries and teeny black pupils, and some temporary tattoos on his head, like maybe a solid black devil’s trident that starts at his forehead and sideburns and goes all the way down his neck . . . he could look at people and bellow “Is there a PROBLEM?!” when they stare a little too long, making sure those red ‘n yellow eyes are buggin’ out as flecks of angry spittle fly from the corners of his mouth . . .

    Now *that’s* a look to try out when you’re on jury duty!

  10. Les, those lenses are awsome. I looked at the vampire lenses and at the bottom of the page it said that theya re for theatrical use only. Well, fuck that. I owuld not mind getting a long black leather trench coat dying my long hair black and then getting a pair of the glowing blue lenses or maybe a pair of the red ones. I think that should make my fellow peers at my school think I finally fell over the brink of mental health. Its no secret at my school that I have unusual oppions—deeper than just agnosticism.

    Cheers BunBun

  11. Now, would I let you be my pretend internet boyfriend if you looked like a pedophile?  I think not! Tut, tut! *grin*

  12. Nahh, Les couldn’t be Amish until they invent compressed-air powered internet connections.  How would he run SEB?

    Beamflash-Towers and human computers! See ‘Souls in the Great Machine’ by McMullen.

  13. Interestingly enough, Les, when I first discovered your site (around September 2004) and looked at your photo, I momentarily pegged you as a right-wing loony (the kind you’d find in Idaho or Montana), given your shaved head and beard. Once I had a look around, though, I quickly realized you were a nice guy. cool smile

    But a pedophile? I didn’t even realize they had their own “look!” What was that guy smoking?

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