I had a very busy week.

The company I’m doing a little freelancing for kept me busy this week as the full-time tech was on vacation. Not that I’m complaining as I could use the money, but it did keep me from being on the computer much and so my blogging suffered a bit. There was a very surreal moment the other day as I was going to lunch with the Boss and his wife. A cell phone call about a deal on khakis led to some confusion about just what size pants the Boss wears which then led to his wife having him unbuckle his pants as she leaned across from the passenger seat to try and find the label that has the pants size on it while yours truly sat in the backseat and pondered how odd this must look to all the passersby. It was exactly the sort of sitcom plot that would’ve led to someone thinking that the Boss and his wife where engaging in hanky panky in public, possibly with a third party. Had the windows been down the conversation that was taking place would’ve cemented that misinterpretation, not to mention being very funny. I told him I was blogging about it and now I have, but he’ll be pleased to see I don’t name names.

Melvin, the Official SEB Cat, had to make a trip to the vets on Friday so we could discover what was going on with his mouth. There’s a small bit of pink fleshy material protruding from his gum line near his lower right fang and we weren’t certain if he’d wounded himself somehow or gotten something stuck in his teeth or what and it’s very difficult to get a cat to sit still and open his mouth long enough to see. So I made an appointment for 4PM on Friday at the Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital and told the Boss that I’d be taking the late afternoon off to tend to my cat. The exam was only about ten minutes and the Doc told us that it appears that it could just be an abscess causing problems, but it could also be cancer. They wont know for sure until they can get a closer look at his mouth and he needs to have his teeth cleaned anyway. Ironically Melvin is the only family member with insurance at the moment as we never got around to canceling the $35 a month pet insurance we took out on him and I’m actually rather glad for that now as he’s scheduled to go in on Monday for a teeth cleaning and removal of whatever the hell it is in his mouth. They may also do an x-ray of that area to see if there’s any trouble brewing. We’re looking at a potential bill of $300 just for starters depending on how much they have to do to determine what the problem is so it’s a good thing we still have that insurance as we’ll just pay the deductible and he’ll bill the insurance company for the rest. Doc noticed the big purple company van I was driving and we talked about what I did for a living. I said that I was officially unemployed, but was fortunate enough to get a little freelancing in on overflow jobs that helped to keep food on the table. So Doc asked me a question about an external hard drive he had just bought to do backups of data from his workstations that he was unsure of how to setup. He had it plugged into a PC at the front desk and it was asking to format it but the display was confusing and he was worried he was going to erase his whole PC. I pointed out to him that it was limited to the one drive and answered a few other technical questions he had and so he didn’t charge me for the exam, which is very cool of him to do seeing as I didn’t do much other than give him a little peace of mind about what he was attempting. So Melvin goes in at 7AM on Monday and will be making a day of it and we’ll be hoping for the best.

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  1. [Getting haircut]
    Hairdresser: “Going to college?”
    Me: “Yeah, I majoring in Computer Science”
    Hairdresser: “Oh, that’s good… Always need computer guys.”

    Hairdresser: “So you know alot about computers…?”
    Me: “… Uh, yeah”
    Hairdresser: “Think you can take a look at our office computer?”

    Never fails. Haircut gets paid for but technically it’s a rip off because I don’t normally charge someone 8 dollars for computer work, that’s like $20.

  2. Had some tumor looking things (sound similar to Melvin’s) growing in our dog’s mouth.  Went to the vet and had them removed $400+ later, found out that they weren’t anything to worry about but vet didn’t know how to stop their growth. The other dog started to get them too – not good.
    Then they started farting like crazy and driving us out of the house with the smells. We bought doggie acidolphilus from http://www.drsfostersmith.com (and they do carry it for cats)to see if it would stop the farts.

    Cleared up both the


    and the farts.  You could try it after the surgery – if they turn out to be benign.

  3. My cat had what you described as a “bit of pink fleshy material protruding from his gum line near his lower fang “. Turned out it was an alergic reaction something. We don’t know for sure what it is. It first appeared last year around spring time and faded away maybe a month later. When the reactions came back this year we knoticed she was scratching her mouth. We then went to the vet and they gave us a cortisone cream to apply until it was gone. Melvin might have something like that which is not too dangerous or life threatning.

    On an other note….Glad to see you’re busy working.

  4. Hope kitty is ok. I know that our cat sometimes costs us more than our dog, who is eight times bigger. Please let us know what Melvin’s problem is when you find out (cat lovers want to know!)

    We got out wedding rings free because we do websites. We went to get our rings (puzzle rings) and made a comment that they are amazingly inexpensive and have been for years (Jose Grant). The reason, sez the salesguy (also one of the owners of this family-owned business) is that it’s because they can’t change the prices on their website because the brother-in-law who set it up took off for Australia with all the passwords, etc. so they were helpless.

    We said, “uh, no, there are a lot of things you can do to fix this … ” whereupon we provided about an hour of consulting, letting them know what they could do, making recommendations, etc. We like them a lot, and thought nothing of it. It’s what we do, so it was a pleasure to talk to them about it.

    They offered us the job of rebuilding their website, but we couldn’t take it at the time as we were swamped (and my husband was due to get major heart surgery). But we said we’d be happy to advise on the job.

    As we were leaving, we stopped to pay for our rings. But they wouldn’t let us—they said our times was worth more than the rings. (My husband said, “Damn, why didn’t we go for the platinum bands?”)

    It took them a lot longer than they wanted it to, but we noticed the other day that the new site is finally up with the higher prices (which are still very low given the quality of their rings)—it’s not quite finished, but whomever set it up for them is doing a very nice job indeed (using the shopping cart, Zen Cart, we recommended).

    We’ve gotten a lot of work through just answering casual questions about websites and computers or helping somebody do something that was making them crazy trying to figure out. It’s funny how that works out.

  5. With five cats, I’ve seen almost everything, but no mouth growths yet

    .  Yes, please let us know how things turn out.  If the growth removal requires he drink cat formula for a couple of days, I’ve got you covered.  Give him a scratch from me!

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