***Dave Does The Blogathon.

I’m not doing the Blogathon this year, but ***Dave is and I’d like to encourage everyone who would’ve supported me if I were doing the Blogathon to go support ***Dave instead. He’s raising money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund this year so any of you folks who are fans of comic books yourselves should be especially motivated to go lend a hand.

I’m not doing it this year mainly because I may break down and ask for your help for myself personally in the not too distant future as my unemployment hits the 6 month stage on the 11th and a couple of unexpected bills have come along I’m not yet sure how I’m going to pay. I’m doing everything I can, though, to not have to make that request including a little freelance work this morning. I’m also not sure I’d have the creative energy at this time to do two entries an hour for 24 hours straight just now so I’ll hold off and do it next year should it come along again. In the meantime, ***Dave’s pledges are up to $240 so far and the Blogathon as a whole is up to $30,000 total for various charities. You will find directions on how to make a pledge for ***Dave in this entry at his site.

5 thoughts on “***Dave Does The Blogathon.

  1. Thanks, sir.  And if the CBLDF isn’t your cuppa, there are quite a number of other very worthy causes being blogathonned about by folks that might be to your liking, if you are in a position to help.

  2. Les … do you do web site design and layout? I might have a couple of jobs that I just don’t have the time to handle right now. Email me …

  3. Long time reader, first time poster.

    Ever thought of working overseas? The place where I am right now is facing a shortage of skilled workers forcing many companies to recruit from other countries. According to the latest report about 3/4 of employers have trouble filling vacancies because 1/2 of those who were offered the jobs turned them down. This depends on your skill level. About 1/2 of the IT related companies are seeking to recruit. The shortage is on skilled workers. http://www.contactsingapore.org.sg/oppor_infoComm.shtml

  4. I hadn’t considered it before, no. It would really depend on the country in question. There are a few places I would probably find fascinating to work in, but, despite what the flag-waving Republicans who sometimes frequent this site would have you believe, I’m actually quite fond of the United States despite it’s problems.

  5. Don’t do it, Les.  Singapore is great if you like good food and infrastructure that runs on a time, but it is too damn HOT and HUMID.  You walk out of an air-conditioned building and you just start DRIPPING with condensation on your skin within seconds; you don’t even have time to get hot enough to sweat.  I had to shower twice a day while I was there, and I would have done it three times or more if they’d had a shower at work.

    Still, the Hyatt Regency there has the best bolognese sauce I’ve ever tasted.

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