“Call For Help” returns to the G4 network.

Here’s a bit of good news for folks still upset with what G4 did to TechTV after they bought them out. Seems they’re bringing back Leo Laporte and his popular TechTV show Call For Help starting Monday, August 29th at 11am ET. This is a big surprise as the only show still left from the buyout is X-Play and that’s mainly because it’s their highest rated show. Here’s the blurb from Leo’s blog about the announcement:

Well it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to announce it so I’ll confirm what most of you have already guessed. If you check your Tivo or Yahoo! TV listings you’ll notice that Call for Help is back on the schedule at G4.

G4 has purchased the show for air in the US. I will continue to fly to Toronto to produce it, and we’re not changing a thing. In fact, as those of you who have been watching it know, it’s really more like the Screen Savers of old than Call for Help used to be, especially now that Kevin Rose has agreed to appear on the show twice a week. We’ll get Patrick up to Toronto, too, I promise.

Starting August 29 CFH will be on G4 weekdays at 11a Eastern/8a Pacific and weekends at 6 and 7a Eastern. If enough of you watch I’m sure we’ll be able to move to a better spot in the schedule. G4 has also purchased the last four months of programs so there will be lots of great stuff from many of your TechTV favorites including Kevin, Alex Lindsay, Steve Gibson, Mr. Excel Bill Jelen, Dick DeBartolo, and of course my Canadian cohort, Amber, Andy, Mike, and Sean.

Thanks for your support over the past year. I know all the emails and calls G4 has received has a lot to do with our return. Please watch and tell your friends to watch, too. I think you’ll like what you see!

I’ve got to get a decent job so I can get back to having digital cable. G4 now has two shows I’d watch.

2 thoughts on ““Call For Help” returns to the G4 network.

  1. It was a call in show on TechTV back before the channel got bought out by G4 where you could get your tech questions answered. It was very popular and had a large following from what I recall. The Screen Savers was also very popular and also had Leo Laporte as a host. TSS was morphed into what’s now known as Attack Of The Show, which bears little resemblance to what it once was.

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