Benny Hinn under investigation by IRS.

Looks like our old friend Benny Hinn has the IRS looking into his affairs as of late.

DALLAS (AP) – The Internal Revenue Service is looking into the operations and finances of televangelist Benny Hinn’s organization, according to a published report.

The IRS wouldn’t discuss the case, but a representative for Benny Hinn Ministries confirmed to The Dallas Morning News that the inquiry is under way, characterizing it as routine.

Critics have argued that Hinn improperly profits from a ministry that hasn’t met the IRS definition of a church for years. The ministry is estimated to raise more than $100 million a year.

But his public relations contractor dismissed the possibility that tax exemptions could be at risk. Hinn spokesman Ronn Torossian said the ministry has “fully cooperated with the IRS” and is not being audited.

It’s likely nothing will come of this, but we can always hope. My favorite line from the article, though, has to be this bit:

Hinn ministry responses to IRS questions and a purported salary list for ministry officials are among documents that Trinity members said they salvaged from trash bins outside Hinn-related offices.

The salary document lists Hinn as CEO and his annual earnings as $1.325 million. Attorneys for the ministry, in a letter to The News, said the document was either a fake or had been stolen.

It’s completely not true! Or if it is true then the document is stolen! We’re not sure which, but either way you guys should just ignore it!

42 thoughts on “Benny Hinn under investigation by IRS.

  1. what kind of a church brings in that amount of money. and call me naive if you will, but isn’t it excessive to pay the leader of a church 1.33 million dollars per year. surely that money could have been better spent invested in charity—you know, like other churches do.

  2. Hagee. That man’s funnier than Dave Chapelle. (At least until you realize there are thousands of morons that belief his nonsense) I’ve watched his show- at least until TBN got moved to diffrent channel and I never bothered finding out which one- and he makes Robertson look compassionate and thoughtful.

  3. anyone who actually thinks that these accusations are true should be ashamed!!! if you want to try and bring the bible into it, then you would know that the Lord wants us to prosper. according to the word, “he owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” which means that he, as our father, has lots of riches, therefore, us as his children have inherited his riches. the Lord blesses people with money to bless other people with money. He seems to have a system. benny hinn, john hagee, and all the other televised pastors that are going through this are doing what the Lord has called them to do. they should have the money that they have. if they didnt have all that money, some of you would still call them fake because they were poor, or didnt own expensive possesions. which means that you just want to be mad at someone else for your own short comings. you see that they travel all over the world. how else would they be able to afford it? and why are you worried about how much money these people have? you dont like them, believe in God, and im pretty sure youve never gave them anything. none of you are important enough to pass judgement.

  4. Pretty funny, yet par for the course for True Believers™.

    I haven’t bothered to look up if the IRS has reached any conclusions, but you can find coverage at the Trinity Foundation, a Christian ministry, and MinistryWatch, an independent evangelical organization which reviews Christian ministries for financial transparency and efficiency (as quoted from Wikipedia).

    I do not know for a fact if the allegations are true, but in my opinion, televangelists are an even lower form of life than politicians and my default assumptions is that such allegations are probably true unless proven otherwise.

  5. I haven’t bothered to look up if the IRS has reached any conclusions

    I haven’t been able to find anything either.  If someone has better search skills, please update us.

  6. The conman Benny Hinn was in South Africa were he had good people out of there money. He was in Port Elizabeth. I have a friend her son goes to the Benny Hinn Church that is locate in Port Elizabeth. I here he is somewere in Uganda now stealing that people’s money.

  7. everyone is intitled to there comments, but god is the only one that can truely judge these people, if it is true about there wrong doings they will have to give in count for it.

  8. This is the work of Satanists and free marsens or whatever they are called. All preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are at their disposal for demonisation etc etc. To them nobody is doing it for God. Be warned, this Gospel will go on for as long the second coming of Christ hasnt come to pass and you can fabricate all sorts of evidence against the chosen ones but be assured, you wont win and you and your master – the devil – will face your fate.

  9. Thank you, Eddy from South Africa. Your English is pretty good, but your evangelism is a little lacking. I don’t think you have convinced me, yet.  tongue wink smile

  10. I found that Benny Himn is a true man of God Why do people attack Gods anointed ones who serve the risen lord in such a great way

  11. I agree. If it is so allow God and only God to judge. Judge not so that you might not be judged.

  12. Merke

    People attack him because he is a huckster who, it would seem, is trying to defraud the system.


    Well, you know, if your god wasn’t so pathetic at punishing wicked people we might not need law. Still, I like your style. I guess it’s ok to come over and steal your TV tonight – after all, you won’t report me to the police – that would be judging my action to be wrong after all. Probably you think priests raping children is ok too – to say its not would be judging them. Still, since you don’t judge people I can also feel free to say “fuck you”. Feel offended?? Don’t go judging me now! But you think its wrong for me too swear at you really, don’t you? Yeah, you judgmental hypocrite.

  13. Is that the best you can do Natashia? You come on here proselytizing and then pull this crap? Benny Hinn is getting exactly what he deserves. Seriously, how can you have any sympathy for a guy which pays himself over a million dollars a year, which he “earns” by taking from little old ladies and the poor? Sort of an anti-Robin Hood. Right, I’ve had quite enough of your passive-aggressive BS – stand up for Benny Hinn on the merits of his situation, as you see them – which is to say, let’s talk facts – or bugger off with your platitudes.

    I like like this place, Les!

  14. To be fair I’d take millions from idiots too if I could. I just wouldn’t try to pass it off like I was awesome for it, because I could toss off a few silly ritualistic statements that made people think I was holy. If I were going to claim I was holy then you can fucking believe me because I’d ride in on a unicorn and shit gold coins out of my ass. Anything else I’m just some jackass preying on the gullible.

    Jesus should have done that. If he shit gold then nobody would have the balls to nail him up anywhere. They’d just feed the hell out of him and listen to whatever the fuck he said.

    And there would be people digging up the Middle East looking for golden turds. That’s worth something.

  15. Been checking IP addresses and I don’t see any obvious signs of sock puppetry going on. Just a lot of delusional people finding the same threads at once. It’s almost like a miracle.

  16. The bible says, touch not mine anointed. Who are we to judge? I have seen so many people even lose their lives because they spoke ill against the servant of God, so instead of passing judgement on the man of God, check your own life. The fact that you are pointing fingers and mocking the man of God, shows your character.

  17. Samantha

    The bible also says “Render unto Caesar those things which are Caesar’s”. In this case, that would include tax. Of course the bible says lots of stupid things, so no need to pay it much attention.

    You’ve seen many lose their lives because they “spoke ill against the servant of God”? What does that mean? Sounds a lot like you are saying that Christians are violent people. Looking at Africa, I’d have to agree.

    I am not the one pointing fingers. That would be the IRS. I am mocking Benny Hinn, and I don’t apologise. I think it is with good reason, after all. As for him being a “man of God”, well, I don’t think such a thing exists. He may well *think* he is a man of God, but until someone can actually establish that any gods exist, it would seem to be a rather unfounded claim.

  18. No, God is a God of vengence, as you will soon find out. We are not violent people, and you should not pick on Africa, as it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Clearly you are used of the devil to say such nasty things abouth Gods people. I pray that you repent before you experience the wrath of God on your life. I am extemely offended that you said that the word of God says stupid things. You are either ignorant, or have not read the bible to be making such remarks.

    You should ask God for forgiveness, or dont you believe in God? You are clearly a bitter person. Why not leave Benny Hinn alone and try to change the way you perceive Gods people. I pray for God to save you and for you to have a change of heart. If the IRA are investigating Benny Hinn, well and good, but that does not give anyone the right to point fingers.

  19. “If the IRA are investigating Benny Hinn”

    One could only hope. Sadly, it’s only the IRS. I suppose Hinn’s chances of survival are better though.

    Samantha, you are clearly hard of thinking. If you don’t think the bible says a bunch of stupid evil stuff then you are either a total idiot or you don’t know what it says. For example, the whole substitutional atonement thing – pure bullshit. Tell me, why did God sacrifice himself to himself to pay for these things called “sins”, which he invented and defined in full, perfect foreknowledge that no-one would be able to keep to them, and even if they did, it wouldn’t matter because you are born into sin in the first place? Also, the whole Noah’s flood thing. Clearly, since the world was full of evil, your god fucked up, couldn’t even create a world with free will, but no unnecessary suffering (and he expects anyone to worship him!), so he killed everyone, except a wrathful old man who would later curse his own son for seeing him drunk. And this god of yours is supposed to be omniscient? Sounds more like a part-timer with a bad attitude.

    Nope, your bible is clearly immoral and imperfect, and you know what, even if your god could be proven to exist, I still would not wish to worship him if he is vengeful. How can a perfect being be vengeful anyway? It’s pretty much just bullying, and I don’t worship bullies.

  20. And a big thank you to Samantha for providing us with a clear example of religious delusion.

    Hell, I’m more a “man of God” than Benny Hinn is and I don’t believe in such things.

  21. I pray for this site to close down in the name of Jesus. We, Gods people are covered by the blood of Jesus. Ive seen demons flee when we sing about the blood. That same Jesus healed me of a brain tumor and other illnesses and caused me to be prosperous. I am a child of the most high King, and I am not deluded. Satan is a liar and has been defeated,and is under my feet. Satan, has no authority over Gods people and most especially Gods chosen servants. If the devil brings down the men of God that travel the world bringing souls to God, then he the gospel will not reach those that are in Jesus name I pray for the man running this website to realise that what he is doing, is because he is used by Satan. I pray for salvation for his soul in Jesus name. Remember that Jesus loves YOU> He died for YOU.

  22. You keep on praying, Samantha. You’re not to first to utter such a prayer. I’ve been running this site for almost 9 years now and I don’t feel any inclination to stop and your prayer probably won’t change that.

    Wait, I’m feeling something… a sensation of building pressure… near my heart… Could it be Jesus?

    Never mind, it was just gas. Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

  23. “That same Jesus healed me of a brain tumor”

    Based on your behaviour, I doubt it.

  24. I’m sorry this is the way you guys feel…

    This issue realistically when you look at it, it has nothing to do with you, so why get involved, I don’t enquire of the events in your lives…

    If you wanna feel good about your selves instead of having a gossip about this man Benny, try somethingproductive like taking on a new hobbie…
    By all means you don’t have to take this message on at all, it’s completely it’s your choice… That’s the beauty of free will choice, unfortunately crap in this world happens because people have free world choice… I really hope you guys have awesome long enjoyable live.

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  26. Samantha

    please ignore these ignorant people…

    One is inoccent until proven other wise….

    If you judge people you normally have more to be judged about…

    Jesus died for all of us and if Benny is fake which I doubt GOD will deal with him and those who judged him

  27. Mina wrote:

    One is inoccent until proven other wise…

    Not quite. According to how the American courts are supposed to operate, one is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty under the law. You can be guilty and still be found innocent if the requirements of the law cannot be met. Just as you can be found guilty even if your are innocent if the conditions are right to make you appear guilty.

    If you judge people you normally have more to be judged about…

    That’s pretty judgmental of you to say.

    Jesus died for all of us and if Benny is fake which I doubt GOD will deal with him and those who judged him

    So your argument is that even if Benny Hinn is a fraud and a charlatan that’s OK because he’ll get his just due when he faces God? And what of the thousands of people he’s defrauded here on earth in the meantime? By your argument we shouldn’t put people in jail for stealing or murder because only God is allowed to judge and punish them.

  28. Wow you dont call yourself stupid evil bastard for nothing, as your name personifies who you truly are. One day when God sends Benny Hinn to heaven for the work hes done here on earth, he will watch as your brother the devil takes his stupid evil bastard brother to hell where you should have gone to long ago. By the way Benny Hinn symbolises what every minister should be, blessed beyond measure, prosperous and anointed.

  29. It appears Jack doesn’t subscribe to Mina’s philosophy of not judging others, eh? Now which of them is the “true” Christian?

    @ Jack Abrahams: If you mean that every minister should be a lying, cheating, conman who passes himself off as something he isn’t, then yeah, I suppose he is a symbol of what every minister should be.

    But hey, don’t let reality get in the way of your delusion.

  30. Wow… Bona Fide Jesus-Zombies from africa.. Guess the third-world evangelizing missionary work has really payed off… Combine gross ignorance, tribal superstition, and christianity and you get millionaires named Hinn.
    I’m guessing they’re Nigerian. Serious missionary work going on over there.. It’s amazing really; so little money to give from each individual.. Yet so many individuals, it’s enough profit to attract the IRS..
    Too bad their isn’t a hell.. Hinn would be a prime candidate.. The names give it away.. Creepy stuff..

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