Ain’t that the truth.

One Very Well Written Sentence From the Sunday Portland Oregonian:

“Other than telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our children and, now, die, I think the Republicans have done a fine job of getting government out of our personal lives.”

Sent to me by my mom who got it from one of my cousins.

3 thoughts on “Ain’t that the truth.

  1. Shut up and keep paying your taxes!

    err…wrong post…

    4 more years until I can legally run for president!

    I can just see it now:
    Mr. Republican: “We really need to ban offensive video games and music as it corrupts our children.”

    Mr. Democrat: “Agreed, this is a very important topic.”

    Me: “So you stand here on national television, stealing money that people need to feed their kids and then decide whether or not to spend it on making sure they do not see sex or violence? A brilliant plan indeed, however I would like to suggest that you need not worry about it as starved, dead children cannot play video games…and their starved, dead parents cannot afford to purchase them.”

    …well, one can dream still right? Or is was that banned when the unPatriotic Act was passed?

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