Fundraiser and Linkathon for My Mom’s Health Care Expenses

My mother, Angela, is very ill and needs medical care that we can’t afford on our own. About a week ago I started a fundraiser on my weblog. Thanks to the several generous donors who’ve contributed so far, we’ve accumulated almost $860 toward the cause. Unfortunately, this is just a drop in the bucket toward our ultimate goal.

Les has agreed to let me post a message about my fundraising efforts here on SEB. I’m hoping that some of my fellow readers might be able to pitch in, or might know someone else who could. To learn the full story of why this money is being raised and how it will be used, you can read this post from my blog. If you’d prefer the short version, you can find it on my donation page.

There’s another way you can help—one I just thought of on my way home from work tonight. In an effort to spread the word about this fundraiser and boost donations, I’ve decided to start a linkathon. It’s kind of like a telethon for “Jerry’s Kids” or a phonathon for your alma mater, but instead of phones and TVs we’re going to use our weblogs and journals. The plan: to turn this fundraiser into a meme that’s posted to as many blogs as possible. If you can’t afford to donate (or even if you can and do), this is a great way to help out by informing others of the fundraiser.

Here’s how you can join the linkathon and lend a hand:


  1. Write a post for your blog or journal that tells the general purpose of the fundraiser and the linkathon.
  2. In your post, include a link to at least one for the following two web pages:
  3. Encourage your readers to get involved and join the linkathon themselves, and include these same instructions in your own post.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Your donation, however small, can make a difference. And now, your links can too!

2 thoughts on “Fundraiser and Linkathon for My Mom’s Health Care Expenses

  1. I whole-heartedly agree. My fundraising effort has gathered about $1,300 so far and I’m incredibly greatful for every single donation. The fact that total strangers have been coming forward with gifts or helping spread the word is just amazing to me. grin

  2. I hope your mother gets well soon, Have you tried Yoga Exercises for your mother, I suggest you to try it, hope it helps.

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