A birthday wish for my daughter, Courtney.

Today is Courtney’s 15th birthday and we’re going to have a small party with relatives to celebrate it. When I stop long enough to ponder her age I’m amazed at how true the cliche is about the speed at which your kids grow up right in front of you. I have friends who still aren’t used to the idea that I have a kid, let alone that she’s about to be of driving age, and it amazes me at times as well. She’s the best kid any dad could hope for and I’m exceedingly proud of her and all she’s accomplished. Here’s a pic of her trying hard not to laugh at me; something you’d think would be very tough to do.

Happy Birthday, Kiddo. Here’s looking forward to many, many more.

9 thoughts on “A birthday wish for my daughter, Courtney.

  1. Happy Birthday Stupid Evil Offspring!

    (And how come you don’t participate on your dad’s wonderful blog? I’m your age and I love this blog!)

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