WoWed out, for now at least.

I canceled the subscriptions to World of Warcraft for Anne and myself today (Courtney’s has been canceled for awhile now) mainly due to the fact that we’ve been busy enough as of late that we’re lucky if we login once a week. There’s not much sense in paying for a game we’re not playing regularly especially when I’m still technically unemployed so we’ve shut it down for now. My mood has swung back around to playing more first person shooters again anyway. We’re counting on the assumption that Blizzard will leave our characters intact for years to come so that when the first expansion is released and we’ve settled down into a routine that allows for a little more game time we can restart our accounts and pick up where we left off. We’ll be back at some point, I’m sure, simply because we love the game so much, but for now we’re taking a breather.

4 thoughts on “WoWed out, for now at least.

  1. wait until a good emulator comes out and save all the fees. Better yet learn how the emulator works and host your own server. Being the high and mighthy server host can make for hours of joy.

  2. I believe there are already some emulated servers out there, but I’d rather just play on the official servers. I don’t have a problem with the fees, I’ve just been too busy lately and have had my attention drawn back to my other favorite form of gaming for a bit. I tend to go through cycles like that.

  3. Actually I would’nt stand a chance – for some reason I get to about level 20 and start thinking – “I wonder what a ….. would be like to play” and start over.I’m still horribly addicted to the sucker,I just like the process of leveling frequently!

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