Unscrewing The Inscrutable is temporarily down.

Brent contacted me about this last night and I intended to post something about it right away, but I got distracted by something shiny and forgot to do it so I’m doing it now.

As you may or may not have realized, UTI is down, hard, right now. We’ve been down for more than a week and I’m trying to get my host to actually return my phone calls. So, the Carnival Of The Godless guidelines and schedule has been moved to here:


The 17th COTG is being held at Tobias Buckell Online at the following address on July 10, 2005:


Tobias is a sci-fi author just starting to make a mark in the field. He’s a good writer,  a cool guy, and he has a great blog.

I am posting for now at the UTI Annex here:


…until I can move the 14 domains that I had hosted with my host to another host. It’s pretty much a disaster as they won’t return emails or anything – and they have all my goddamned files. I know, I should have backed up more often, but I’ve been with these guys for more than five years and they have always been real good to me. I’m kinda bummed right now.

Anyway, anything you can do to announce this stuff would be truly appreciated.

Consider it announced, though slightly later than I had intended.  Brent hit me with an update today saying that he’s managed to get his primary domain redirected to the Annex site he’s using while he sorts all of this crap out. Hopefully he’ll have UTI back up and running ASAP.

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