Test post using w.bloggar.

This won’t be terribly interesting as I’m just testing out the new Metaweblog API in ExpressionEngine 1.3 to see how well it works with the w.bloggar client. Back during the beta testing of 1.3 I managed to get Ecto working, but had a hard time getting w.bloggar to work. Think I’ve got it figured out now so if you’re reading this then I’ve been successful.

2 thoughts on “Test post using w.bloggar.

  1. Care to share that Voodoo that you HaddaDoo ?

    I’ve been trying various options for this to work with little success …

    C’mon Les initiate us! I have the rum, candles and cigar… and will go to the store and get a chicken smile

  2. I meant to reply to this the other day, but forgot. I’ll be happy to do up an entry on how to set this up for w.bloggar. Expect one later today after I get home from jury duty.

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