Sony’s got some bragging rights: 91.62 million PS2s worldwide.

According to this article at The Inquirer, the folks at Sony have been rattling off a few figures on just how successful their PS2 has been for them and why they’re number one in the console video game market.

The firm told an audience that 91.62 million PS2 units have been shipped worldwide thus far, with 37 million of those going to North America, 33.21 million to Europe and a further 21.41 million units going to Japan and the rest of Asia.

North America gobbled up 395 million of the 863 million games sold worldwide with Europe consuming 292 million and Japan and Asia the remaining 176 million. The total number of PSone and PS2 games sold is 1.822 billion, of which 767 million went to North America, 594 million to Europe regions and 461 million in Japan and Asia.

I’m actually surprised to see that the numbers for North America and Europe are higher than the ones for Asia in both hardware and software. Most console gamers think of Japan as the place where video games are a well established part of the mainstream so you’d expect the number of units sold there to be higher than anyplace else. Meanwhile, in another brief Inquirer article, Microsoft mentions that they’re aiming to capture half that market with their upcoming Xbox 360. Needless to say, they’ve got their work cut out for them.

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