Smurfs to become major 3D animated film trilogy.

This is firm proof that there is no God. They’re going to make a Smurfs film trilogy.

Paramount Pictures has acquired the film rights to the Smurfs. Jordan Kerner and Nickelodeon Movies will produce a 3D cgi feature film based on the characters.

They are planning on making a trilogy and hope to have the first film out in 2008—the 50th anniversary of the Smurfs, which started as a Belgian comic script in 1958.

My buddy Bob is going to harass the hell out of me over this one as I hate the Smurfs with a passion that has to be seen to be believed. I must say that I’m stunned to find out the little blue bastards have been around since 1958. Why oh why won’t they just die?!?

13 thoughts on “Smurfs to become major 3D animated film trilogy.

  1. Clearly, Les has been murdered and his place taken by Gargamel, who is using Stupid Evil Bastard to incite anti-Smurf hatred.

    Alright, as much a fanboy of the Smurfs as I am, I can’t help but think a CGI Smurfs film trilogy is a really, really bad idea. This goes into my “what the fuck are they thinking file?”.

  2. Wow. Paramount’s really grasping at straws.

    You all know what comes next, don’t you? Merchandising. And more merchandising. And new cartoons which are really yet more merchandising. Get ready for a smurfy couple of holiday seasons. Blue Christmas indeed…

  3. Ironic.  I was just searching the internet for a documentary/video/news report thing we watched in my high school US Government class that showcased the similarities between smurfs and communism.  The little buggers are commies dont ya know? wink

  4. Smurfs aren’t commies!  Commies are red…or at least a deep shade of pink.  Smurfs are blue…  wink

    Oh kill me now…

  5. Just before the digital release of the 3D Smurf movie, let’s hack their server and merge the movie with GTA: Vice City. cool smirk  Then Gargamel can cruise around in a hotrodded 302GT and ice the smurfs with a street sweeper.  (Except that one chick smurf – he can do unspeakable things to her first.)

  6. I’m just happy that I can do my Christmas shopping for Les early this year!  The DVD is sure to be out before Thanksgiving.  Smurfy!

  7. It’ll make a lovely coaster, I’m sure!


    It’s odd you should mention Christmas considering the last entry I just put up.

  8. Someone give me a sword. I wont stop until the streets run blue with smurf blood!!! cool mad

    God I hate those little bastards…

  9. Les, did you here me laughing the Evil Laugh?  Muhahahahahaha!

    I actually went through the effort of creating a profile just so I could post a comment!

    I am definitely SO going to “harass the hell out of you” over this!  This made my day!

    In fact, when the movies come out, I’m willing to buy your ticket just to have the pleasure of “showing” you these really smurfy, err, cool films!  *GRIN*

  10. Tra-la-la-la-lala-lalalalaaaa, tra-la-la-la-lala-lalalalaaaaa……screw the film the OST is gonna be great! Sony will make a mint!

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