Posting while working.

If there’s one drawback to this freelancing for a small company stuff it’s that it can be fairly overwhelming at times. I’m currently sitting in the office watching Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 slowly install on this machine I just rebuilt for a major local furniture retailer. This is the most I’ve sat still all day. Once this is done, which will be any moment now, I’ll be taking it over to the world headquarters of the client and dropping it off. On the way back through towards home I’ll be stopping by the home of a client to help them figure out what their WEP key for their wireless router is so they can set up their new laptop to work with it. That’ll likely be a freebie visit as there’s no real work involved beyond showing them how to find their WEP key in their router’s settings. Then it’s onto home for the day. In all I’ll get in a good 7 hours or so today of billable time which isn’t a bad way to start the week. Got an 8AM tomorrow morning and then who knows what’ll come next. It feels good to be working at least a little and putting my skill set to use, but I still worry about the near future. Unless the business picks up considerably I’m going to have to find more permanent work someplace with benefits. It’s only a matter of time before one of us gets sick and needs to see a doctor.

Still, one day at a time. One day at a time…

3 thoughts on “Posting while working.

  1. Mmmh, I can understand that its a pretty unsteady and therefore insecure way to earn the money. But is it so badly paid?

  2. The pay isn’t bad, but it’s still quite a bit short from what I was making in the past and the lack of benefits is going to be a problem before too long. Don’t get me wrong, for a company just starting out the pay is pretty good and if I were still a single man living by himself I could probably afford to tough it out until they could make me a full-time employee, but I have more than just myself to worry about.

  3. it’s been a while since i’ve posted/lurked..

    it is good to hear things are indeed picking up a bit for you.. “Freelance Bastard” sounds like a website is in order.

    although the WEP key thing is simple I’m sure.. hopefully it extends your personal network out a
    bit and drums up some contacts. I would have charged it as “Training, Minimum hourly block n$$”

    I think when I pack out of here we might try wisconsin.. maybe if Im lucky Ill own a butter churn and a cow when its all over.

    I missed Mich. a month ago, went back for a week & now I miss it more. My hat is off to you. I just couldnt ever make it working there legally..
    I left ten years ago… and have spent about 18 days there since. Man those do nothing days were a fucking curse and a blessing all wrapped up into one.. ..nothing to do but find trouble or let it find you.

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