On Taco Bell’s quality improvement process I’m all E.A.R.S.

JethricOne sent me this rather disturbing bit of corporate sloganeering:

    I was at a local Taco Bell last week, and saw the following sign for their quality improvement process, which they call “EARS.” I wrote it down verbatim to make sure I got it right:
    |  E.A.R.S
    |  Explore
    |  Annalze
    |  Respond
    |  Make it stick—————

The connotations are nearly endless… Too. Many. Jokes. Head. A’sploding!

1 thought on “On Taco Bell’s quality improvement process I’m all E.A.R.S.

  1. wow.. nice fucking typo.

    I bet someone got promoted off of that shit.

    My wife and colleagues were once briefed by an Army
    Captain who insisted that the picture of the Capitol building was the white house and Army privates didn’t know any better.  We laughed our fucking asses off. Some fucking leader.
    (this guy was promoted shortly thereafter.)

    ahh.. a career based on powerpoint slides and other peoples work. I dont think I could ever be
    a worthless limp-dick manager.. ..no matter how hard i tried.

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