My friends and I are all a bunch of friggin’ geeks.

Sometimes I’m absolutely stunned by just how big of a geek I and my friends are. Let me give you an example: I’ve recently joined up with JethricOne’s weekly Dungeons & Dragons gaming group—I’m playing a 14th level Dwarven Paladin named Keller—but that’s not what makes us such big geeks. After all, a lot of people play D&D. No, what makes us such big geeks is the following email exchange between one of the guys in the group and J1 that was sent out last Thursday.

—- “Sean” wrote:

> Query(Gaming<

>), where, when, if));
>  -Sean

# See y’all there.
# -J1

Now, if you follow what that exchange is all about (and I know some of you do) then you’re either as big a geek as we are or have hung around one enough to at least get the gist via context. If you can tell what language it’s written in then you’re definitely of the geek set.


9 thoughts on “My friends and I are all a bunch of friggin’ geeks.

  1. I’m geek enough to find this exchange highly amusing, yet not geek enough to identify the language. It’s not Java, is it?

  2. I figured we’d just burst into flames the moment we crossed the threshold, but that didn’t happen.

  3. It’s not perl,is it? I used to have a link to an entire poem written in perl… quite good… but the site no longer exists… *sigh* A pity, to be sure… lol

  4. Maybe Unix?  Hehe, Les, I always joke about bursting into flames going into a church- or the church just collapsing around me!  lol

  5. ohhh.. I found the poem… although I’m not entirely sure if the content is appropriate for this forum… *weg* It is very well written… but may be offensive to more delicate eyes…

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