More downtime today.

Looks like some issue with the caching once again caused our account to be suspended. My apologies for the interruption in service. I’ve once again disabled caching and am waiting for more details from the webhost so I can forward them onto Rick and the crew. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t get notified when my site is being naughty. Blogomania, the webhost I’m using, is basically just a reseller of services from Hosting Mania and so they contact Blogomania which then has to contact me and this doesn’t always happen in enough time for me to do something about the problem. So I am once again considering switching hosts. Elwed pointed me to Reseller Zoom and they seem to be offering a pretty good deal on accounts with plenty of room and bandwidth and the reviews I’ve seen over at WebHosting Talk are generally on the positive side so perhaps I’ll contact them about a making a move soon.

Anyway, that’s why we were down for a bit today. More info as I get it.

9 thoughts on “More downtime today.

  1. Yeah, I saw the “account”/site was “suspended” this a.m., thought “Hey, I should e-mail Les about that,” and realized that sending an e-mail to a address was probably not all that helpful a move.

  2. You might also consider Dreamhost as your hosting company. Their current promotion gives you their basic plan (free toplevel domain, 120GB transfer, 2.4GB space, ssh+mysql+php+rails) for as low as 0.77$/mo (9$ for a full year of hosting). I highly doubt you can get anything comparable at this price level.

  3. I used to be a Dreamhost customer ages ago and, if you dig through the archives at some of the other times I’ve publicly debated leaving my current host, I’ve considered moving back more than once. You’re about the third person to let me know about their current deal, which is a good one to say the least, but I’m debating whether to go with a possible reseller or dedicated hosting solution if I can find one cheap enough.

    I’ve not ruled out Dreamhost, though. I was very happy with them in the past.

  4. If you need webspace, we lease a webserver with good bandwidth, lots of space (we host clients as a convenience to them—web design is our business, NOT web hosting!) LAMP setup. We use Would be very willing to give space and bandwidth (we get 1000GB per month and rarely use even half of that) in exchange for you being our backup go-to guy if somethings goes awry (such as when we go on vacation and are on the road and can’t jump online to hit the remote reboot). If you’re interested, lemme know. Things rarely go awry on our server—but when it does, it’s usually when we’re in the middle of the Ohio Turnpike. I kid you not!

  5. Thanks for the tips, everyone, and the invite, neurotwitch. I’ve had a couple of offers from folks with spare webspace to host my sites and I appreciate the thought, but my concern is two fold.

    First, I’m using a lot of bandwidth according to the reports from my current host. Last month we were around 65GBs of transfer. Second I’ve obviously caused enough issues with my current host to have my site shut down twice in as many weeks because something went haywire. I’d hate to have my piddly assed websites end up crashing your servers if something goes nuts. I figure if I at least move to a host that’s not just a reseller I’ll eliminate the middleman in the communication chain.

  6. If you can figure out why your site was shut down, and it seems like something that can be fixed or avoided, the offer still stands. We get mega bandwidth included per month, and 65GB is less than 1/10th of it.

    But if you’re intested in your own setup, I really recommend you take a look at—they offer a variety of packages ranging from your basic shared site to webmaster hosting with several domains through resellers stuff all the way up to managed dedicated servers (we have a unmanaged dedicated webserver). They’re in Green Bay, Wisconsin and provide superb support. We’ve been really happy with them.

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