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Have you guys checked out Comedy Central’s new show Mind of Mencia yet? If you haven’t then you should. It’s what SEB would be like if it were a TV show and if I were a Latino instead of a middle-aged white guy. Mencia excels at pointing out the hypocrisies that surround us every day and ridiculing the stupid and inane. My favorite segment from his show so far is called Why The F%@! Is This News? You can check out a few clips known as Mencia Minutes at the Comedy Central website to get a taste of what he’s like. It’s definitely not for the easily offended, but if you’re a regular here then chances are you’re not easily offended. It’s funny and worth your viewing time. New episodes air at 10:30PM on Wednesday nights.

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  1. Oh! I am gonna have to try and find captures of this show… I am on the road Monday through Friday and my hotel does not have Comedy Central and my MythTV box blew up …

    This is just damn hillarious!

  2. I’m beginning to think that Comedy Central is the only place to get real news and information these days. Maybe Jon Stewart can investigate things like this…

    I don’t even need to go into all of the strange events surrounding 9-11 that point to one Hell of a conspiracy.
        Too bad we don’t have any real news programs that have the balls to risk getting whacked. So much for the so called “liberal media”.

  3. I am so glad to hear you mention this show, Les.  I’ve been watching it since it came on (I was a fan of his stand-up before the show was advertised) and I haven’t stopped laughing since.  He really has a way of getting a message across through his humor, and he’s not at all afraid of being so-called “offensive”.  Good for him, damn it!  ‘Bout time!

    By the way, I heard that you like Robot Chicken as well.  Fuckin’ LOVE that show.  And I know it’s a different genre, but there’s another show that came out around the same time on Adult Swim called Samurai Champloo.  I have to say it’s the most brilliant anime show I’ve seen on Cartoon Network yet.  I dunno, I can’t say the main storyline is that much different from any other premise (though it’s a lot less outlandish), but the dialogue, the characters, and the DRAWING STYLE are all better than I’ve seen in a lot of animation (it seems sometimes that they selectively light the frames to give it a really dreamlike atmosphere).  Hell, even the soundtrack’s good (in my opinion, but I gotta admit, it’s hip-hop.  GOOD hip-hop, though).  They really pulled the whole thing off with some class, you should check it out.

  4. I watched a couple episodes just to appease a buddy who said it was the greatest, and I’ll admit I laughed. But I was disappointed that this show really lacks originality; something Comedy Central is known for. This guy is basically the Mexican Dave Chapelle: he’s racist, he make fun of gays and handicaps, and he gets paid for it.

    Additionally, he really is just rehashing a lot of old Cheech and Chong and George Carlin stuff.

  5. Carlos Mencia is the most unoriginal loser ever to find himself with a TV show.  He makes a point to say that he is edgy and says whatever he wants but the truth is that what he says is moronic.  Comedy central dropped the ball by thinking that he could even close to the comic genieus that Chappelle is.  Hey Mencia the 15 mins is almost up and I cant wait till you are selling oranges by the freeway again.

  6. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I’ve never found Dave Chappelle to be all that funny, but I think Mencia is a hoot. Chalk it up to different strokes.

  7. Carlos Mencia and Dave Chappelle are both really funny, each in their own way. I dig both shows, and I really hope that Dave Chappelle makes it back onto TV with some new stuff. But in the meantime, Carlos often has me laughing my guts out.

  8. I never saw chappelle show, Mind of Mencia is decent, but he should talk more abouth black, he keep targeting white people.  Thought is a decent show, I get to laught.

  9. I love Carlos Mencia, and he is very original, despite what some of these illiterate people said. If you can’t take a few cracks at your own race, don’t watch the show. If you don’t have a sense of humour, don’t watch the show. He’s edgy, funny, and down-right original. And if you disagree than you’re just not open-minded to what the world has to offer. I hope that ill-humorous people watch his show and bring a few laughs to their lives.

  10. actually, Carlos really is stupid. he copies jokes, his humor is really lame, especially in the way he delivers it, and really, its child humor.  Dave chappelle is WAY funnier than this guy. at least dave chapelle is actually into it. Carlos presents it in the stupidest way possible, and no im not illiterate. although even an idiot could tell his humor is lame.

    “And if you disagree than you’re just not open-minded to what the world has to offer”

    thats a hyppocritical statement. i found 1/20 jokes he said funny, and all of those were said by some other comedian.

    enough said, Mencia is an idiot

    constructively speaking though, i really dont think he’s funny because he’s been proven to steal others jokes. there more but im too lazy to type

  11. Mencia isn’t the first comedian to steal jokes and he certainly won’t be the last. Word has it that Robin Williams is or was a notorious joke thief, an accusation that still dogs him today:

    While most comics take pride in performing their own material, many have built lucrative careers on borrowed bits. Williams, for example, has long been lauded for his ability to instantaneously improvise scenes and gags. But while few question his gifts as a live performer, there’s no way to know how much of his sharp-minded inspiration over the years has been provided by an unwitting writing staff. “I’ve been in clubs in L.A. where Robin’ll walk in the room and whoever’s on stage will just get off,” says Boston comedian Kevin Knox. Ritch Shydner, a former Improv regular and coauthor of the book I Killed: True Stories of the Road From America’s Top Comics, agrees. “Robin is a ferocious performer,” he says, “but he isn’t the kind who can generate material, material, material. His style is to watch people and regurgitate what he sees.”

    Steven Pearl, a veteran comic who, like Williams, worked on the San Francisco circuit in the ‘80s, claims the star was renowned for stealing jokes—a comedic Winona Ryder. When he was caught, says Pearl, Williams sheepishly copped to the charge by opening up his wallet. “I’d call him and say, ‘Hey, what happened there?’” recalls Pearl. “And he’d say, ‘Oh, sorry.’ Then there’d be compensation.” Though Pearl is now reluctant to discuss details, he told Canada’s National Post that Williams wrote him a check for $1,000, and noted that “there were a few more checks for substantial amounts of money that kept my rent paid for a while.” Even Robert Klein, an old pal of Williams, commented in a 2001 interview that “things would float into [Robin’s] head that he heard onstage—sometimes with unhappy results.”

    Yet I still find Williams hilarious as hell to watch. If we’re going to rule out any comedian who steals jokes as “not funny” then there’s not going to be too many comedians left to laugh at.

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