Just killing some time.

I’m sitting here in the office of the company I’m freelancing for mucking about on my laptop because I have a 7PM service call and the amount of time until then is short enough that if I drove home I’d have to turn right around and leave again. So, I’m killing some time in the interest of a shorter drive. JethricOne is probably going to be highly annoyed with me because Thursday nights is his D&D campaign I joined up with and it normally starts at 8PM and I’m going to be late. This is the second time since I started playing that my part time work has gotten in the way of my being able to play (last time he canceled the evening’s session) so I’m sure it’s got to be annoying by now, but I’m currently the only tech available to do the job. That and I do need the money to help make up for what unemployment doesn’t cover. The hours I do get are pretty minimal and will probably shrink a bit more next week when the full time tech comes back to the job.

J1 sent an email out saying the game is delayed until 9PM and with any luck I should be able to make it by then. It all depends on how messed up this next client’s PC happens to be. If it’s a 10 minute fix then making the 9PM start time should be a cinch, but if it takes more than an hour I’ll be in trouble as the drive home is 45 minutes plus an additional 25 minutes or so out to J1’s place. Yesh! This is why I waited so long before agreeing to play. It just seems like life gets in the way of trying to schedule anything to happen on a regular basis.

8 thoughts on “Just killing some time.

  1. Jeebers – dont you know D&D must take precedents over your your other petty life-style choices! – Works for fools and horses! – (as i always like to say when i’m at home relaxing after a hard days work)
    As one of my newbies would say whenever battle occured – “I’ll hit him with my Battle-axe!”

  2. mmmmmm… alcohol.
    so much for a battle axe..
    sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps the
    micromanaging asshole(s) on my end alive.

    so I guess what I’m wondering is if Les made it
    or didnt he? My money’s on a short and sweet fix and
    an improved THAC0 all in one night. Makes me wonder what kind of char(s) he developed on paper since the boundaries set by a DM are usually more ‘flexible’ than a server. One hopes the 6 sided die was in your favor…

  3. Nope, didn’t make it. The job involved the dismantling of a laptop to try and resecure some parts knocked loose in a fall and the folks at Toshiba were thoughtful enough to use enough screws to build a battleship with. In the end it took around two hours to do the job and then a 45 minute drive just to get home so I called up the guys and let them know I wouldn’t be making it.

  4. bummer. so much for my money.
    sounds like a high netting job though.

    I had a main board replacement in an HPzx5060 laptop
    a few weeks ago.
    I was jammin on it and it took me the better part of three and a half just to replace it and swap out all of the components. That was almost as fun as taking out the top memory under the keyboard and testing the dimm. ..could kick that engineer in the nuts.

    I just love fixin em blind.

  5. Hey no bastards calling us geeks for once! – are we finally being excepted into banal society at last?

  6. At least they did not play without you and make your character the NPC door opener.

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