It’s been a busy week for me.

When I first signed up to do a little PC support freelancing I was told that I’d probably get around 10 hours a week to start. Well, due to some changes at the company, it’s been a bit closer to a normal week’s worth of hours. Not that I’m complaining as the money is definitely needed. Today I had an 8AM appointment, but that appears to have fallen through. I tried to call ahead and verify that the client had everything they needed for me to come in and do the work, but my attempts to contact the client were met with a “she’ll call you back” which, almost 2 hours later, has yet to actually happen. I’ve tried calling since then only to be shunted straight to voice mail. This was a residential client and the original call was odd in that they wanted me to come in and setup their PC and SBC/Yahoo DSL, but they also wanted to know if we sold and assembled computer desks (no, we don’t).

So I sat around for awhile in my work clothes and now I’ve changed out of them for the time being. With any luck the rest of my day will be uneventful and I can take a small breather. The company is closed on Monday so this could be like a 4 day weekend for me. Almost enough to feel like I’m back at work full time. Maybe I’ll even get a few more blog entries up today. Oh, in case it somehow missed your notice despite being at the very top of the page, we now have a list of active threads in the forum so you can see what folks are talking about over there. Not much at the moment, but hopefully this’ll help.

For now, though, I need to run up to the credit union and make a deposit or two. More later.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a busy week for me.

  1. Well at least we have some cooler weather here in the land of the motor city, eh?  I was beginning to think I was back in the Mojave Desert, the way I had to run my air constantly and couldn’t even step outside to get the mail without feeling like an egg frying on the pavement. UGH.

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