Here we go: Justice O’Connor resigns from the Supreme Court.

The fireworks this weekend will probably be nothing compared to the fireworks due to come in D.C. as Bush gets ready to nominate someone to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. I’m disappointed it’s O’Connor stepping down and not one of the more conservative judges, but considering her ailing husband I can’t blame her one bit. If nothing else at least the news media have something news-worthy to obsess over for weeks on end.

2 thoughts on “Here we go: Justice O’Connor resigns from the Supreme Court.

  1. I came back from vacation…and found that headline on the table. Kind of put a damper on just about everything. This probably means war.

  2. I am surprised that there hasn’t been more activity on this thread. So, here is some speculation.

    What will motivate Bush’s choices for a replacement? (1) Someone acceptable to the far right in order to promote the dynasty. (2) Another woman. Unlikely, unless she meets one or more of his other criteria. (3) A Hispanic to cement the loyalty of an increasingly important group of voters. (4) A friend. (The man is big on loyalty.)

    How will Bush handle the Advice part of “Advice and Consent?” Right now Specter and Leahy are making nice about their forthcoming meeting with the President. My take is that he will listen politely,  announce his candidate, and repeat his desire for a dignified debate.

    Will there be a filibuster and what the heck is an extraordinary circumstance? I suspect we will see a filibuster. If so, Frist, one of two (known) presidential wannabes, will do what he perceives best for his aspirations and pop the nuke. (And continue to pin the Republican terminology on the Dems.)

    It is amusing that the Dems are modeling their ideal choice on Sandra Day O’Conner a conservative Republican. 

    When does the other shoe drop? Unfortunately, the prognosis for the Chief Justice is not good, and he may have to resign sooner than later. That will be the big one.

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