First few pics of David Tennant as “The Doctor.”

As long as I’m sputtering on about Doctor Who I should mention that the first pics of David Tennant as The Doctor are up on the official BBC website. Here’s a sample. Click to embiggen:

With any luck they’ll be able to maintain the high quality of stories they established with the first season, which is so good I’m tempted to go watch it again.

Thanks to my buddy Hairboy for alerting me to the pics.

8 thoughts on “First few pics of David Tennant as “The Doctor.”

  1. I hadnt seen an episode until recently when pbs
    decided to go (what i am to assume is) all of the
    way back to the very first episode.. ..yes
    that is right.. the first doctor’s very first jump
    two hours in and I was bushed.. an amazing pilot
    that must have been slapped together on a
    shoestring. filled in alot of blanks from my
    childhood and naturally, odd dreams ensued.

    i loved every minute of it.

  2. An Unearthly Child is truly one of the great TV pilot episodes, although the story that follows it is a little dissapointing. It wasn’t until the second arc, the Mutants, that the show really took off.

  3. Sorry to post on an old thread, but thought you yanks might like to know Tennant is a great Doctor. The thing I’m really enjoying is that it carries on the self referential every-thing-is-connected thread.  Queen Victoria stays at Torchwood house… if you go ‘eh?’ then you aint been watching close enough.

  4. Tennant is pretty damn good, I must say. New Earthwas a little dissapointing story-wise but he had to play two characters and did both well. His turn in Tooth and Claw was much better, I especially love how in this episode he keeps switching between his native Scottish and the Doctors English accents, which he does so smoothly that half the time you don’t even notice.

  5. david tennant is really sxc and nobody can change that i luv im so much hes da best eva n i ope he stays dr.who 4 as long as possible hes da best i love all da fings hes acted in n i will luv all da fings e will b in and no one can say hes ugly or they will get a slap :]

  6. david is the best actor in the world i aggree wit you lotty he is so fit and so sxcy 😀

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