ExpressionEngine 1.3 has been released.

Those fellow bloggers who’ve been drooling over the 1.3 beta we’ve been running here will be happy to know that EE 1.3 is now officially available from the pMachine website:

Version 1.3 delivers a complete redesign of the EE control panel and adds major enhancements to the member management system, now supporting private messaging, member signatures, avatars, and member photos.  In addition, version 1.3 adds some great new features like spell checking, a tab manager, and our new “updated sites” module enabling other sites to “ping” your site when they have updated their content.  Please check the changelog for a full list of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements.  If you are a currently licensed ExpressionEngine user you can download version 1.3 by visiting our download area.

This new release also brings with it the long anticipated Forum Module. The price for the forum module will normally be $49.95 for a non-commercial license and $99.95 for a commercial license, but through the month of July you can save $10 off the non-commercial and $20 off the commercial license. Not too shabby.

2 thoughts on “ExpressionEngine 1.3 has been released.

  1. I’ve upgraded to 1.3, purchased and installed the forums…and have to stop there. I got a massive sunburn this past weekend, and am at the tail end of the “very painful to move” phase. (That, and my keyboard doesn’t work too well with aloe vera gel.)

    My brain’s already trying to figure out how to make multiple forums on my single noncommercial installation, AND how to use different themes on different forum instances. Maybe use PHP to check the main URL before applying this or that theme or stylesheet?

    Meh. I’m not only red and twitchy, I’m having an out-of-caffeine experience. Les, thanks for your work in the EE support forums and beta testing.

  2. Yeah…  Just when I had given up on EE and migrated to TypePad I get an email from EE telling me about the upgrades… 

    Ah well, I’m pretty happy with TypePAd so far, and really like the fact that I can post to it via Flickr and NewsGator.

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