ExpressionEngine 1.3.1 is now available.

This point release was set loose on 29th and I forgot to mention it then so I’m doing it now. Also released is version 1.1 of the forum module for those of you who picked that option up. This release is mainly a bug fix, but there are some cool new features as well such as the previously mentioned ability to link a blog entry with a forum post that I tested a little while back. You can check the changelog for a full list of changes or see it in the extended part of this post.

Version: 1.3.1 Final Release
Build: 20050728
Release Date: July 29, 2005

* Added a unsubscribe option to the mailing list batch subscribe form.
* Added pagination to the member groups page of the control panel.
* Redesigned the URI parsing function for better performance when a large number of template groups exist.
* Added a preference so that the throttling feature can be disabled.
* Added a variable called {upload_url} and {smiley_url} which allows the stand-alone entry form to have a link to the upload and smiley utilities. See user guide for info.
* Added two new parameters to the {exp:weblog:categories} tag (see user guide).
* Added two new parameters to the {exp:weblog:category_archive} tag (see user guide)
* Added an alternative way to fetch CSS files. You can now code URLs that look like standard EE URLs as long as they include the “css” segment:
* Added a new member profile preference: Accept Private Messages. This allows each user to choose whether to accept private messages from other users.
* Fixed a security problem in the xml-rpc libraries.
* Fixed an issue with references that was causing EE not to work with PHP 4.4.0
* Fixed a CAPTCHA problem in the contact/tell-a-friend forms.
* Fixed an encryption bug that creates problems logging in when md5 is the stored preference.
* Fixed a problem when creating a new template using a user-stored template file.
* Fixed a problem with the height/width variables in member photos.
* Fixed a problem that prevented an admin from editing a users avatar.
* Fixed a redirect ID when deleting trackbacks
* Fixed a javascript error in the pmachine import utility
* Fixed a URL problem with the xml-rpc files
* Fixed an error that happens if you select the RSS templates when creating a new weblog.
* Fixed a path problem that prevents the control panel CSS from working on some servers.
* Fixed an undefined variable error in the communicate page.
* Fixed an error that happens when logging in if you have a particular preference set.
* Fixed the {custom_profile_data} tag, which was not working initially in 1.3.
* Fixed a blacklist problem when character entities do not end with a semicolon
* Fixed a word censoring bug
* Fixed a bug in the pMachine import utility that occurs when the two DBs have different users.
* Fixed a bug that affected the conditional in the comment script.
* Fixed an error that can occur if servers being pinged fail to accept the response.
* Fixed a blacklist bug that allowed people to ban themselves in some cases.
* Fixed a bug that cause an error when clicking a smiley during previews.
* Fixed a metaweblog API problem if when editing an entry, if there were no categories.
* Fixed a metaweblog API problem in which MarsEdit was only allowing the 10 most recent entries.
* Fixed an error message that can occur if you put your comment preview tag on the comment page itself.
* Fixed a language problem in the pagination script that forced English to be used.
* Fixed some typos in the language files.

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