Dumbass thief gets 99 years for stealing cell phone.

Sometimes you can be a little too honest which can pretty stupid when you’re a habitual thief on trial for stealing a cellphone and assault.

Reed testified during both phases of the trial, swearing and telling jurors he didn’t care if they sent him to prison for life.

“There’s things I choose to do, like, if I go in a store and choose to take a Snicker’s bar,” Reed testified. “If you catch me, you catch me. If not, I’m going to go home and eat it up and go on about my business, dog.”

At one point, he made an obscene hand gesture toward a retired Texas Ranger who testified against him. Reed had tried to rob the retired officer four years earlier but was overpowered by him.

This dumbass turned down a plea deal offered by the prosecutors pre-trial that would have netted him a maximum of 15 years. Instead the jury took only 15 minutes to decide to lock his moronic ass away for 99 years.

4 thoughts on “Dumbass thief gets 99 years for stealing cell phone.

  1. I don’t think he was bluffing.  Chances are that he has been in and out of jail so many times that he probably has friends and a gang family in jail now.  I have seen others act like this…they consider jail time a badge of honor.

    Still stupid…

  2. Probably WANTED to be in jail. If he knows what he is getting, and the life outside bars didn’t much appeal to him, he may have been crazy enough to do something like this.

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