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KPatrickGlover started a topic earlier about the Time Cube guy. I was trying to think of where I had found this myself once and it just came to me. The following link will take you to Crank Dot Net. They track down and provide links to every whacky website they can find. If you can’t find something there to anger you, confuse you, entertain you, or simply make you urinate on yourself, you won’t find it anywhere.

Everybody take a look if you’ve never been and share with us your favorites.

If you’ve never seen this stuff, it will provide limitless topics for you to rant about. The religion section alone will be worth the visit. They have plenty of other catagories though.

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  1. Here are a couple other items if anybody is interested.
        The makers of the book, Weird New Jersey, have went country wide with Weird U.S. If you like strange tales of hauntings, aliens, creatures, and whatnot, it may be something you would enjoy reading.

    If you’re a Michigan resident like Les and myself (Whenever on leave from the military at least), there is a new horror comic book based on Hell,  Michigan. The first issue just hit the comic stands, so get in while the series is new if interested. I bought 2 copies of issue 1 myself and may go back for more.

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